Explained and Fixed: Your connection is “not secure” chrome

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While surfing your favorite websites, you may be shocked to get a warning in the Chrome tab that the Website you are trying to access is not secure, and you don’t know how it comes about. This article serves to explain this error and how to fix it.

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The error “Connection is not secure” shall always come when you are surfing a website that does provide a secure connection. Websites like UGTECHMAG may run either on HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) or HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secured)

Whenever a website is running an HTTP connection, chrome will always warn its visitors that it’s not secure for surfing. You definitely need to care while surfing such websites implementing an insecure protocol on the internet. Some chrome errors have many users frustrated, but here, we got you a quick solution.


Reasons your connection is not secure

However much it’s the duty of the administrators of the Website to correct this error by implementing HTTPS on their websites, you as an individual should care too not to visit such Websites without a secure connection. Why?

1. You are accessing a hacker’s website

HTTP being insecure simply means that the data exchanged between your device and the website is insecure too, making it a risky kind of data share.

It is anticipated that insecure websites are owned by hackers. They can then steal your information such as credit card details, Bank account passwords, and PIN from your Phone. It is assumed that hackers cannot afford the HTTPS protocol because it’s a bit expensive; however hackers today can own a secure website, be on the watch!

2. Outdated security certificates on the website

Another reason for “Connection is not secure” may be caused by an SSL connection error. A secure Socket Layer certificate is meant to serve websites over an HTTPS connection. There may arise an error if your browser doesn’t find a secure way to connect to a website.

When the browser checks and sees that the connection is insecure, it will try to stop you from accessing that website. Below are some of the reasons for an SSL error.

  • The Certificate might be missing or must have expired
  • The Browser is not up to date
  • Because of a server issue
  • Antivirus issue

For website developers, here is how you can remove the NOT secure tag for your site.

How to fix “Connection is not secure” in Chrome

  1. Try reloading the page, maybe there was a browser timeout while initially loading this page. Reloading the page might correct this error at once.
  2. Enter the incognito mode of your browser and try to load the same page you were accessing. A website with security issues will never load once you are in the incognito mode.
  3. Be sure about the wireless connection you are using. If the WI-FI you are using has a poor configuration, definitely it won’t allow you to run a website implementing HTTPS.
  4. Check the Time and Date of your computer. Sometimes a website will fail to load if your device’s time and date are not up to date. Correct that up and try reloading the website.
  5. If you have checked all that, don’t forget also to confirm that your antivirus or firewall has no hand in this. Sometimes firewalls and antivirus can override your network.

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