DSTV sets its 2020 Goal to be a Standalone Entity

DSTV sets its 2020 Goal to be a standalone Entity
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For those of you who know Netflix, DSTV too wants to be a standalone entity/service, and it has already set this as one of its 2020 major objectives. Before we go into the details and why DSTV sets its 2020 Goal and made it clear to its customers, you may be wondering who DSTV is?

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DSTV is part of a wide company, it is a child to the MultiChoice Company. DSTV (Digital Satellite Television) MultiChoice company this year made it clear to its customers that by next year, they will be establishing themselves as a standalone service whereby clients will be able to download their video streaming applications from play store and shall be able to log in without having to acquire a premium account.

However, the important note to take here is, customers will be able to view content without owning a decoder. It is noted that MultiChoice Company is having the service undergo several extensive external tests and will be ready by March 2020. “We are about to hit field trials” MultiChoice CEO Niclas Ekdahl mentioned.

As for 2014 Video-on-demand platforms that were widely growing, MultiChoice too came out in response to the demand and provided its customers with a service that extended their content such as Movies, and Sports on Mobile phones before later on unleashing its latest application that year which was the DST NOW APP for Apple TV and Android TV.

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What does it mean for DSTV to be a Standalone service?

Standalone means that DSTV shall not be strongly coupled with decoder subscription as it has been before. This means that Users shall be able to access their content without owning a decoder. This leaves us thinking that in 2020, DSTV shall be a look-alike of Netflix which is already doing the same when it comes to subscriptions.

However, the only question that remains unanswered is if customers shall pay for a monthly plan and so in order to access the DSTV content or there are other new plans that will be unveiled alongside the new launch, which remains to be answered soonest next year.

Source: TechWeez, NextTvAfrica