Can a DSTV remote Work on GOTV decoder.

Reset GOTV decoder
GOTV decoder. Credit: Hope Maria Modesta
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Since both GOTV and DSTV are sister companies under the Multichoice Africa group, a number of people think they share products like remotes which is not true. One of the most popular questions is, can a DSTV remote work on a GOTV decoder? This question made me curious so I decided to put the task into the experiment. Unfortunately, the DSTV remote failed to connect with my GOTV decoder.

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So I contacted both DSTV Uganda and GOTV Uganda to inquire whether the DSTV remote can work on a GOTV decoder and their response was NO. Only the GOTV remote can connect with a GOTV decoder.

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Can DSTV remote work on GOTV decoder
Response from DSTV Uganda and GOTV Uganda