How to Divert Calls to Voicemail Safaricom

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Call Divert also known as call forwarding is a phone management feature that helps redirect calls to another number. However, in this case, we focus on diverting calls to voicemail Safaricom. Diverting calls to voicemail can be set up on all incoming calls when the recipient’s number is off or busy. Here is how you can divert calls to voicemail Safaricom.

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Divert Calls to Voicemail Safaricom when Unreachable

This method will divert all calls to voice mail when your Safaricom line is turned off or unreachable or when the network is unreliable.

To set up dial **62*0722122122#

To deactivate dial ##62#

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Divert Calls to Voicemail when Busy on another call:

When someone calls you when you are on another call, they will hold on to call waiting. But if you activate call diverts to voicemail when busy on another call, the caller will be directed straight to voicemail to record their message.

To set up dial **67*0722122122#

Dial ##67# to deactivate

How to divert calls when there is No reply:

This method will divert calls to voicemail when you fail to pick up the call / when it is considered as a missed call.

To divert to Voicemail, dial **61*0722122122#.

Then dial ##61#, if you want to deactivate the service.

How to Divert all calls to Voicemail

This method will divert all your calls to voicemail. Dial *222#.

If you want to deactivate divert calls to voicemail dial ##002#.

divert calls to voicemail Safaricom

How to Manage Safaricom Voicemail Settings

When all the above is done, you need to manage and control the settings of your Safaricom voicemail box. Call 111 for free and follow the prompts using your Safaricom line to set up customized greetings (voicemail intro), and retrieve voicemail messages.

NOTE: Always remember that the default Voicemail PIN is 1234 which you need to change.