How To Disable Firewall For a Game

How To Disable Firewall For a Game
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The firewall is one of the security tools currently available and widely used in the computer world. It operates in network layer 3 to application layer 7 in the OSI model. The main functions of a firewall are the following:

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  1. It filters unauthorized access to computers, through packet filtering or by inspecting the content of the Transport, Session, Presentation, and Application protocol units.
  2. It warns in case of attack or strange behavior of the communication systems.
  3. It keeps count of network transactions.

A firewall offers a point where security can be monitored and if suspicious activity is detected, it generates an alert to warn the user of a possible attack or data transit problem.

Computer games are another aspect of entertainment you can get from your personal computer, laptop, or desktop regardless of its make. Today, we have some games in all genres, sports, racing, and action games that are next to reality. Sometimes your computer will block you from accessing sun fun with it. All gamers around know what it means when your favorite game has been blocked by a firewall that it won’t start.

Most times games tend to access the computer’s internet services, that is for multiple players mode will always require an internet connection. As a result, your computer firewall will continuously block it there denying you lots of fun buried in this mode. This means you can not challenge your online friends in a race or an open battle.


Disabling Windows Firewall

  • Before starting your game, click the Windows button to display the menu dialogue.
  • Type “Firewall” at the Windows 8 Start screen, click “Settings” and select “Windows Firewall” from the search results.
  • Click “Turn Windows Firewall On or Off” from the left panel.
  • Click “Turn Off Windows Firewall” This is however not recommended. in the Private Network Settings section and click “OK.”
  • Now it’s time to try the game. If it works, you don’t need to continue. If it still doesn’t work, repeat the procedure, but also click “Turn Off Windows Firewall” This too is not recommended. in the Public Network Settings section.
  • Type “Firewall” at the Windows 8 Start screen, click “Settings” and select “Allow an App through Windows Firewall” from the search results.

Creating an Exception

If the `above steps cannot help you, maybe they are too long and too many of course to grasp your finder tips, below is an alternatively shorter solution.

  • Click “Change Settings” from the Allowed Applications window.
  • Check the box to the left of your listed game to enable the exception. If you can’t find your program, click “Allow Another App” and double-click the game in the “Add an App” list.
  • Check both boxes to the right of your game to enable the program to communicate through public or private networks.
  • Click “OK.”

Why Firewall

  • It protects against intruders. It only allows authorized users to access the network, according to the security policies defined.
  • It optimizes access. It identifies internal network components and allows more direct communication between these components if necessary.
  • It protects confidential information. It allows access to information based on certain levels of trustworthiness.
  • It prevents DoS attacks as much as possible.
  • It controls access to the computer.
  • It detects possible fraudulent use.
  • It monitors the traffic on the computer.
  • It controls access to privileged services.

A Firewall Protects Your Computer From Unauthorized Remote Access

One of the worst things that could happen to your computer is if someone attempts to take control remotely. Seeing the mouse move around on your monitor as a remote intruder gets control and tracks all your computing activities. Firewall shall break away all this access keeping your computer safe to use in both offline and online mode.

Firewalls Make Online Gaming Safer

The online gaming mode built in most of the current games is an advancement that every gamer has appreciated but on the other hand, a potential security risk. Various malware has been developed that targets online gamers, existing on unsecured or recently compromised game servers.

While game publishers usually keep on top of security on their servers, it’s always a good idea to have a firewall enabled before you start playing online games. Any attempts by hackers to use their malware to get into your system will be blocked, leaving your system secure.

How To Disable Firewall For a Game

In most cases, the firewall will configure itself based on the requirements of the game, using a profile for the software type that is included in the game or available via an update.

Note that security suites often ship with “Gaming Mode” or some other similar option pre-installed, which you can take advantage of before launching your favorite game. And if there are problems, you can consult the game’s support pages and edit the firewall application settings.

Console gamers can take advantage of hardware firewalls or routers if there is a requirement to edit settings.

But a Firewall Can’t Do Everything

it’s worth considering that a firewall cannot do everything. We already know that malware can bypass the security provided by the firewall. This includes Trojans, viruses, worms, etc. While a firewall should block backdoor access via a Trojan, there’s a likelihood that this can be bypassed. This is why a firewall must be used in conjunction with an anti-virus tool.