Connect PC to TV and watch your online series Comfortably

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You want to watch Netflix or HBO Max but you think your laptop screen can’t bring out the real 4K picture? Do you want to connect PC to TV? Actually it becomes boring watching from a smaller screen. The pictures feel squeezed because all must be contained on the provided display of your monitor, and you have a mega screen seated in the corner of your room.

Wonder no more. You must make good use of that screen. Perhaps, it cost you a fortune. In this article, I bring you two different ways of connecting your computer to the screen to have a better view of your favorite streaming.

Connect PC to TV in these ways
  1. Wireless connection
  2. Wired connection

Wireless connection

With this method, you can wirelessly mirror your computer screen onto your TV screen. This article specifically details Windows 10 steps. These might vary from version to version. Windows 10 computers have this provision of wireless screen mirroring preinstalled.

What to know

  • Before you go on with the steps that I listed below, make sure both the screen and your computer have the latest drivers and software running. Outside that, the steps may fail to work for you as required.
  • Bothe the Computer and your TV must support the miracast feature. If one or both of them don’t support this feature, the steps below may not be of any help to you.
  • If you are running an Apple Os, you will use WIFI Direct since miracast is not a feature for Apple computers.

Assuming you have clarified everything as noted above, and then you can proceed as prompted. You must setup both computer and TV by toggling the settings manuals for each device as instructed below.

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  1. Setup your TV
  • Firstly, since it’s a wireless connection, you will need to turn on your TV WIFI settings. The procedure may vary for each TV.
  • Secondly, proceed to toggle on your TV Screen mirroring feature by following the steps below.
  • Press the INPUT button on your remote.
  • Select screen mirroring.
  • These steps may however vary from TV to TV.
  1. Setup your Computer

Assuming you are running Windows 10 Os, follow the steps below to setup your computer as well

  • Turn on your computer’s WIFI settings
  • Hold down Win + I to open settings
  • Click Devices once the Setting window displays and a new window will appear
  • Select Bluetooth or other Devices
  • In the Add a device Window, select Wireless display or dock (Win + P can do this straight away)
  • Now, select the device you want to connect to as your display. The Computer Screen should be displayed on your TV.

Wired connection

How to connect PC to TV and watch your online series on a wider screen

Now that you know how connect PV to TV using wirelessly, the wired means may also be useful. You can do this by using an HDMI cable; I will take you through these steps extensively.

Note: The HDMI cable used should have the same connector on both ends.

  • Connect PC to TV using an HDMI cable
  • Using the remote Control, change the setting of your TV from TV to HDMI by using the INPUT button
  • Right click on your computer desktop and select display settings
  • Click Detect for your computer to search for your TV
  • When two squares labeled 1&2 appear, click identify
  • You will be prompted to select how you want to display your computer screen on the TV, either as a duplicated display, extended, show only 1 or only 2.
  • After defining your preferences, click Apply and your monitor screen will appear on your TV.