Common play store error codes and how to fix them

Common play store error codes and how to fix them
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At least 60% of us use Android Smartphones, and it is possible that a good number of us have experienced some of these common play store error codes. At least I have experienced one just recently and it is the reason I decided to write this article today. There are a good number of Google play store error codes that occur mostly when you are downloading an application. You realize you so badly need a certain application, but you cannot get it because of some common play store error code. Worry no more, I got you covered.

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Some of the common play store error codes

Common play store error codes and how to fix them

Error 944 (rpc: s-5: AEC-0)

This error code usually displays to notify you that there was an error while retrieving some information from the server. This is because you must have tried to access some information while you are offline or without an internet connection. It is one of the common play store error codes that you will encounter anytime time so long as you are using the Google play store.


If you ever encounter such as error, either check your internet connection or check if your data bundle has not expired. If everything is well and your internet is perfect, then just wait a little while, then, try again later.

Error 941 / 927 / 504 / 495 / 413 / 406 / 110 / rh01 / (rpc:aec:0 / 492)

The second commonest play store error codes is the Error 495, 110 pr others above. It usually occurs when there are some difficulties in downloading an application. All the above errors require the same solution. In case you encounter any one of them, just do the following;


  • Solving this error requires you to assign another Google ID to your gadget or Smartphone. To do this, follow these simple steps below.
  • First proceed to settings in order to delete your current Google play store data
  • Go to Apps and Notification tab
  • Proceed to “See all apps” from there you will see “Google play Store” and click on it
  • Now go to Storage and Cache
  • Then click on Clear Storage & clear cache to delete Google play store data.


It should be noted that some applications may start malfunctioning after you have changed your Google play store ID. If any application misbehaves, then you will have to delete and install it again using the new Google play store ID.

Error 103

This one is related to a compatibility problem between your device and the app you’re trying to install. In case Google play store doesn’t warn you that a given application is not compatible with your device and this error occurs, you may just wait for a while. Since it is a server-side error, it will be well with time.

Error DF-BPA-09 / 18

Another common play store error code you may encounter is Error DF-BPA-09 / 18 which occurs when you try downloading an application that isn’t free, that is; when you need to first purchase an application before downloading it.

Once this error code appears, it may be hard to go away even if you persisted in trying to get the applications. However, you may solve this error by clearing Google play store data as you will see below

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  • Go to general settings
  • Locate Apps & Notification and click on it
  • When the tab opens, click “see all apps”
  • Proceed to “Google services Framework”
  • Go to Storage & Cache
  • Now go to “Clear Storage & Clear cache”

Error DF-DLA-15 / 8 / 20 / 498 / 497 / 941

This error is related to application updates. It may occur while you are trying to update or download a new application on your phone. To solve it, follow the step below.

  • Go to Settings
  • Apps & notifications
  • See all apps
  • Google Play Store
  • Storage & cache
  • Clear storage & Clear cache

Error 919 / 101 / 923 / 921

This one is the most common play store error code. It usually occurs when you try to download and install an application on a gadget that lacks enough simplicity. The solution to this is of course simple. Just create more space on your disk and try again. This error will never show again as long as you have space on your disk.

Error 491 / 923

When something has gone wrong with your phone’s downloads or updates, thus; they are completely impossible to proceed with, such an error will be fired on our screen.


The solution to this error is to remove and add a new Goggle account to your phone. To do so, follow these simple steps below.

  • Go to Settings
  • Click Accounts and select the account you want to remove.
  • Now press Remove account.
  • The next thing you will do is to restart your device
  • After that, you may go back into Settings
  • Then Accounts
  • Go to “Add account” to log in again
  • Now that you are logged in, go into Settings
  • Then to Apps & notifications
  • Go to “See all apps”
  • Google Play Services
  • Storage & cache
  • Clear storage & Clear cache

Error 403

This is related to the above error code in terms of download or updates being impossible. Nevertheless, this error code is more specific since it occurs when there is a conflict between two or more downloading accounts. In case the application you are trying to update or download was purchased, you will need to log into the account you used while buying that application in order to solve this error.