10 Chromecast Tips That You Need to Know

10 Chromecast Tips That You Need to Know-ugtechmag.com
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We can all agree that Chromecast Has been around for quite some time but interestingly, it keeps surprising us with its capabilities time after time. Although Chromecast offers expendable features ranging from watching shows, and playing games to listening to music, you can’t fight the love of grasping simple elegance, getting creative, and having lots of fun as you stream your device using the tips below.

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Using your computer while casting

Irrespective of the primary source of the video, YouTube, Netflix, or local media from windows, always casting a video from a computer to the big screen is great, right? But what about that time when you want to do something while watching? Dive in here. Hit Alt+Tab on PC (command +Tab on Mac) as you stream through the Chromecast device, all actions remain uninterrupted on the big screen as you are taken back to your computer using the keyboard to do your other business.

Asking Google Assistant to cast your media

First things first, link your iOS or Android device to your Google Home App Account. Google Assistant is a powerful tool that can control all smart home devices, for example, to cast your favorite media directly to your TV just say “Hi, Google play Sisters on Netflix on the living room TV” and it will play immediately in the same way, you can pause, rewind and turn off. Wow, this is pretty cool.

Enable Guest mode to share

Guest mode is most favorable in communal areas and using a special broadcast Wi-Fi signal, charming your Wi-Fi network with other people needs no rocket science. Simply open the Google Home app, Press and Hold the device card, visit Settings and click Recognition and tap Guest mode to share Chromecast with other people.

Turning on the TV using your phone

Have you misplaced your TV remote? No worry, simply connect HDMI-CEC to your TV and plug the HDMI port into Chromecast. After this, I am happy to let you know that you use your phone to turn on your TV by simply asking Google to do so.

Cast Google Slides to a TV

Why crowd around a small phone or laptop screen when holding a presentation yet you can cast Google Slides on a big screen for a wider view? Tap Cast Button from your Chromecast list and the slides on your presentation will appear on the TV screen.

Cast Plex to Chromecast

Well known for managing video libraries, Plex can also be linked to Chromecast to cast photos and music from the Plex library to Chromecast not forgetting that you have to install Plex on your computer and link it to a similar Google account Chromecast.

Stream Games with stadia

To all game lovers, here is the real deal. Stadia is the best PC Google game streaming service with entitles you can play using a phone, laptop, or low-end computer and stream games on TV using Chromecast. To cast games, get a TV with a Chromecast Google Stadia account and a compatible controller, and now play games in the stadia library on your TV.

Cast Google Photos to the TV

It is such a beautiful experience to sit back and enjoy memories coming back to life on a bigger screen. With Chromecast, this is very possible, simply Open the Google Photos app on iOS or Android, or a computer. Select the photos you want to watch and Tap the Chromecast icon in the top right corner to watch your Chromecast list.

Mirror the screen of an Android phone with Chromecast

How can you show photos or videos to another person without passing around your phone to another person? Simply, Open the Google Home app, Tap the Chromecast device you intend to mirror your photo to then tap Cast my screen then the other person can view the photos or videos.

Enjoying Your Chromecast while on vacation

Traveling on a vacation should not be hectic anymore, it doesn’t matter where you are going or where you are coming from. With a good internet connection, quickly, plug the Chromecast into your gadget and use the Google Home app to cast your favorite shows and series.

With the above Chromecast tips, your life will be turned into a mystery that has no end.