Best VPN Services Providers of 2024: The Top Picks

Best VPN
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If you spend any amount of time online, there’s no doubt that you’ve heard about virtual private networks (VPNs). In addition, the most common reasons to use them are to protect your privacy, get access to geo-restricted content, and connect to public WiFi safely. VPNs have become invaluable tools for people living in countries with repressive governments or internet controls. However, finding the best VPN provider can be an overwhelming task since there are so many options and each one claims to be the best. To make things easier, we’ve compiled this list of the top 5 VPN providers, based on their security and speed.

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ExpressVPN provides over 2,000 servers across 94 countries. This ensures that users have access to all of their favorite content anywhere in the world, no matter what country they are in. It also allows users to securely access their bank accounts and avoid ISP surveillance or censorship.

ExpressVPN has been around since 2009 and is known for great customer service something not typically found with VPN providers. And it’s one of only a few services that offer 24/7 live chat support without cut-off times or limits. In addition, ExpressVPN offers double data encryption (Perfect Forward Secrecy) through its apps and browser extensions to protect against data leaks if its connection is ever compromised by hackers.

They also support Netflix unblocking among other streaming sites, an important feature for most users who travel internationally.

ExpressVPN is the most trustworthy, secure, and easy-to-use software/app on the market today. Find out more features and insights in this ExpressVPN review provided by tech experts.

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PureVPN boasts of an impressive client base that includes 3 million users. It also has some innovative features like split tunneling and multi-logins on 5 devices at a time to ensure your Internet security, privacy and anonymity are all protected 24/7/365. What’s more? For those who need a reliable and speedy connection, there’s a new stealth protocol called Hydra which is lightweight and secure as well.

With multi-login capability enabled for up to five devices, you can browse freely without compromising your online security. PureVPN offers excellent digital protection with protocols such as OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP among others along with secure payment options including Bitcoin support.

Ivacy VPN

Ivacy is a provider with servers in over 50 countries and has worked hard to make sure it can unblock just about any content you throw at it. It’s based in Singapore, which means no mandatory data retention laws, but also means its customer service might be slower than others during peak times.

Ivacy uses 256-bit encryption on OpenVPN connections and has an internet kill switch built-in, along with leak protection. And don’t worry; if you need help, there are plenty of tutorials online to get you started. Plus Ivacy offers a 7-day money-back guarantee to ensure your 100% satisfaction.

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NordLayer VPN

NordVPN is a safe, easy-to-use option. NordVPN has a good reputation in online circles, and it’s been around for a few years. It recently added Netflix support to its service, meaning you can stream shows from that provider while connecting through any one of NordVPN’s 94 server locations.

You can also use it to securely unlock your phone if you travel internationally with it and you pay extra for that ability. A single subscription allows users to connect up to six devices simultaneously on almost any platform they would want to use. This company also keeps zero logs.


At first glance, AtlasVPN looks simple and feels dated. But as with most security providers, simplicity is a good thing. With no logins needed to start using it, all you need to do is install and run its client software. In just a few clicks you can be browsing anonymously from a variety of locations, and that’s pretty much it; AtlasVPN has more than 500 servers in 50 countries ready for your use.

While not for those concerned about privacy or anonymity all data is protected by 256-bit encryption the company does claim its services are ideal for journalists or foreign nationals in countries with censorship restrictions. That makes it easy to stream media content like YouTube videos or Facebook Live streams on mobile devices while traveling abroad, something many VPNs still struggle with today.

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Wrap Up

Choosing the best VPN service can be a daunting task. The onus lies with you to do sufficient research so that you end up choosing one that perfectly suits your requirements. Don’t blindly choose a provider simply because it comes up first in a Google search or because it offers an irresistible deal. Read up on what others have to say about it before finalizing your decision and if possible, try out their services before actually buying a subscription. This way, if things don’t work out as expected, at least you won’t lose much and can try another provider from our list of best VPN