How to Book an Appointment at any Huduma Center in Kenya

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Huduma centers were introduced at the beginning of President Uhuru’s leadership. They have revolutionized service provision by the government to its citizens. Unlike before, you had to queue for hours to access a service, the process is relatively easy. Learning How to book an appointment at Huduma Center is important for Kenyans. Without an appointment, it is almost impractical to obtain government services offered at these centers.

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Technology has made things more accessible than in previous decades. In Kenya, Huduma centers were established to provide different government services under one roof. However, before you access what you need, you need to know how to book an appointment at the Huduma center. Booking a date and time is necessary if you need one or more services.

There are a few things to note: you don’t need an appointment to be served in the other 4 Huduma Centres in the City but only at the GPO station; you also don’t need an appointment to be served in other Centers across the country.

Huduma appointment online booking is a simple process. You can book using any device that can connect internet. You can visit the nearest cyber cafĂ© to make your Huduma center appointment if you don’t have a smartphone.

Services Offered at Huduma Centers

  • NCA services
  • NHIF services
  • NSSF services
  • AGPO certificate
  • CRB clearance certificate
  • Birth certificate application
  • Birth certificate correction
  • EACC clearance Gender and Affirmative Action Funds
  • Kenya Police abstract
  • Kenya Power services
  • Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) services
  • Labor-related services

Book an Appointment at Huduma Center

Step 1: Start your browser and go to Huduma’s official appointment page. In order to access the Huduma dashboard, you must have registered for an account. If you already have an account, proceed to step 2. However, if you have not registered yet, get started by clicking on the Register button.

On the Huduma Account Registration page, you will be required with options to create an account as a National ID holder or a Non-National ID holder. Select the option that suits you then go ahead and fill in the required information.

If you have selected the National ID holder option you will be required to enter NIN, first name, Mother’s first name, set password, and add an email address. Upon filling in all the required information, tap Register.

Quick Note: Unfortunately, all Non-National ID holders cannot book appointments online. When you select that option, you will get an error message displayed in the picture below;

Step 2: Log in with your National ID number and password. Once logged in, click on “New Appointment“. Your details will appear on this page. Head over to the “Service Center” tab and choose the station you wish to be served at. Choose the time and date you prefer followed by the county of residence and save the details.

Step 3: An auto-generated ticket will be displayed on your screen. It will contain the service you need, your ticket number, the center you will visit, the date of your booking, your name, and the date the ticket was issued. A confirmation message with the exact details will be sent to your registered phone number. You can also access your present and past bookings from the “My Appointments” tab. If you wish to cancel an appointment, you can do so under the same tab.