Best online betting apps in Uganda to check out and win big

Best online betting apps in Uganda to check out and win big - - 3
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Online betting (or gambling) is any kind of betting conducted over the internet. It includes virtual poker, casinos, and the very popularly known –sports betting. Sports betting involves predicting sports results and placing a wager or money on the outcome. If your prediction turns out to be right, you win money, if it does not, you lose the money you had staked. Most Ugandans, men especially bet on football games.

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It turns out that there are many other sports which you can place bets on, not just football. The various betting platforms in Uganda offer a wide range of sports games you can bet on and stand a chance of winning.

Betting apps in Uganda -
Premier League Players | IMAGE SOURCE: vbetnews

Here is a list of the best online betting apps in Uganda to check out:

Before we begin listing them, here are 5 things to know:

  1. The legal gambling age is 25
  2. Lotteries and Gaming Act, 2016 regulates the gambling market
  3. All licenses are subject to 20% tax on their Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR)
  4. A 15% tax applies on the players’ winnings
  5. Gamblers aren’t prosecuted for betting on non-licensed international bookies

1. Bet365 Uganda


This betting company is arguably the best online betting site when it comes to football betting. It is offering very high odds and more than 100 betting markets on fixtures of the top five European leagues. Additionally, it is providing bettors with a quick mobile application and a very generous welcome offer. Also, it is offering daily promotions including free bets and lots of popular payments.


  • One advantage of using the mobile version of Bet365 is that there is no need to update anything
  • There is no need to enter the device’s browser each time and the application has been created specifically for my device.


  • A disadvantage is that one must always open their device’s Internet browser and enter the web address.
  • Another problem is one has to update the mobile version all the time. This should be done to have full the functionality of the app

2. Betway Uganda


The bookmaker Betway Uganda is one of the leading international bookmakers with representative offices in different parts of the world. Since their foundation in 2006, they have rapidly expanded their activities and currently have a customer base of over 2 million subscribers. It is important to note that they are fully licensed to operate, and Uganda’s National Lotteries Board (NLB) is regulating them.


  • Local users can choose payment methods like airtel money and MTN Mobile Money.
  • New users are receiving a welcome bonus (Each new user is getting free money to use to bet if they have signed up and are betting for the first time using betway)


  • Customer service is not available 24/7

3. Betpawa Uganda


This online betting bookmaker is a well-established bookmaker that offers sportsbooks. The bookmaker can be found in other African countries like Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Equipped with financial stability, punters can be sure winnings will be paid within a given time frame. It is among the few betting companies that offer the lowest amount payable the main aim is to become the best and largest betting company in Uganda.


  • Fast payouts within 24 hours
  • Easy to use
  • Low stakes are being accepted. One can bet with just 500 Ugandan shillings


  • It has no app
  • Slow customer support response

4. 1XBET Uganda


Uganda has one of the most vibrant and active betting markets. 1xBet Uganda has carved a niche for themselves there mostly because of the comprehensive and substantive sportsbook that they run which is offering numerous sports and betting markets that resonate well with punters from this country. It is safe knowing 1xBet is fully licensed to operate in Uganda.


  • There are multiple markets on offer to satisfy any betting need with high odds and live betting to match.
  • There are numerous payment options with prompt payment for every successful bet


  • The response to customers complaints and addressing them is slower especially on account management.
  • The bonuses offered are slightly lower compared to other bookmakers with frequent adjustments on bets and bonuses.

5. Kagwirawo


Yes, you are reading the name right. Kagwirawo has made it on the list. As funny as the name may seem. Leaving all that aside, Kagwirawo is a relatively small Ugandan bookmaker that allows you to bet on football matches from the world’s biggest championships both online and via mobile phone.


  • The bookmaker has an application for Android phones, which is specially designed for betting via smartphones.


  • The range of sport events made available by Kagwirawo is hardly one of the widest variety. The bookmaker accepts bets only on football. 

Given that people differ and maybe have different goals when it comes to betting, it is important noting that, at least when you have begun to bet to first know why you are doing it!

Doing this will define the point of your betting and this purpose can often be the first layer of foundation that helps you with your betting strategy, decisions, bankroll and risk appetite!

Best online betting apps in Uganda to check out and win big - - 2
ONLINE BETTING (Courtesy Image)

Common reasons why people bet and why you should be cautious

A lot of people across the world are betting and all are coming with differing reasons, but this calls for caution! So let us discuss the top 3 common reasons why people bet and why you should be cautious.

1. To start making side income

Getting yourself a side income can be a very compelling reason to start betting. You can potentially start making a lot of extra income from Betting depending on various factors such as risk appetite, odds & win ratio.

It has never been easy at first. But as you will need to be learning, understanding the games, and creating a strategy that fits you. Which is all doable. Betting is an easy alternative pathway for those who are interested in making surplus money. You can instantly install a bookmaker (online betting mobile application or use their websites). And register with them within 5 minutes. From there depositing money and placing bets can all be done in a few taps without dropping a single sweat.

In comparison to other side income opportunities, Betting has a very low barrier to entry. There are fewer required skillsets than there are with Bookkeeping or Programming and so it is no doubt why this has always been getting people interested.

However, if you want to make money online in Uganda, here are some proven options you can try out.

2. For Enjoyment & Passion

When you are to ask some bettors, betting is a lifestyle! At times, it is something developed into their social groups from youth. Watching games together on the weekend with peers and having a good time placing a few small bets.

For some people, it is completely normal to place a few bets on the football game, and a part of that is because betting makes games more exciting as you’ve got a stake in one of the outcomes.

It is fun to bet and can bring groups of people together. Looking for Enjoyments from other games, check these mobile offline games.

3. A hobby or an addiction

Some people are obsessed with making it big! Needless to know, this is a dangerous path because with Sports Betting at least, you should not be in it just for the money. You should be enjoying it and if you are significantly losing all the time, it may be time to reconsider. There is nothing wrong with sitting back and letting others bet while you enjoy the game for what it is. Risking money should only be done responsibly and when you have a surplus after all your necessities.

If you are feeling addicted, take a rest to start reflecting on the value of betting.

While you are at it, there are also other side jobs you can be taking on to make some extra money for the pockets.

These reasons why some people bet, there are a lot more reasons to betting but these are the most common. Whether you are looking to make a side income, have some passion or both, we hope these apps will be helpful, however, Bet responsibly!