Airdrop vs Bluetooth. What is the difference?

Airdrop vs Bluetooth. What is the difference? - UgTechMag.Com
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Welcome to the Bluetooth world. Everyone uses Bluetooth; to receive phone calls, and listen to music both with earbuds or speakers. Everything is wireless. Bluetooth is an efficient technology that takes less battery; however, it is slow. On the other hand, Wi-Fi is crazy fast, at break-neck speed but it consumes battery. Why mention Wi-Fi? It is simply a baseline for creation. Apple created Airdrop by aggregating the efficiency of both technologies. So this is not a new technology, it is a fix for the flaws of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

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If you are an iPhone die-hard, you use Bluetooth all the time. The new releases of iPhones don’t come with dedicated headphone jacks. That means you’ll have to choose between using your adapter or giving up the charging port or using the Bluetooth headset. Most go for the latter.

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Bluetooth seems easy to use but most smartphone users get frustrated with the delay in connection or transfer speeds. It doesn’t allow the transfer of large volumes of data. Now, Airdrop has the speed of Wi-Fi and the transfer technology of Bluetooth. However, Airdrop cannot work without Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct. That’s because you must enable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections each time you need to transfer a file over Airdrop.

So why Airdrop? If I am going through even more processes to get a file out, then why use it? Airdrop strikes the balance between efficiency and speed. It is the best choice for transferring files between two devices running IOS, iPadOS, or macOS. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are the car and fuel, and Airdrop is the driver.

You don’t have to sit for hours to transfer whatever file size you have. In a matter of seconds, it is on the other device you are sending it to. Transfers made over a Bluetooth connection may take ages but with Wi-Fi and Airdrop as the third party and you are done in no time. Airdrop and Bluetooth apart may have pros and cons, but together, they are like a force of nature—almost unstoppable.