A guide to fix Resolving host problem in chrome browsers

A guide to fix Resolving host problem in chrome browsers
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If you are an internet user, probably almost everyone is. LOL, you must have come across an issue where your chrome browser stalls from loading pages, and displays an error saying, Resolving host. You must be thinking it’s something to do with your local connection, but it isn’t. Resolving the host problems is always displayed if there is a problem with your DNS.

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Why Resolving Host Happens?

A guide to fix Resolving host problem in chrome browsers

Resolving Host happens because; a website’s URL always must first be resolved to a certain IP address in order for the website and its pages to be opened/loaded. DNS then has to take place in this whole process, whereby configuration and resolution are done by your internet service providers.

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When the page takes a long time to load, probably the problem may be partially related to your ISP taking long to complete the configuration process, and also finding a mapping IP address for the URL, resulting in timeouts and incomplete processes.

What is Resolving host problem?

There are so many error codes displayed over the internet to help you and I clarify the issue with whatever caused it precisely and easily. Among those error codes in browsers comes the Resolving host problems. But what is Resolving host?

Resolving host problem occurs when the browser halts during page loading and instead displays a message on the screen saying “Resolving Host”. It is caused by Google’s DNS pre-fetching setting. The setting is intended to speed up navigation but can create “Resolving Host” errors unless it is disabled.

How to Fix Resolving Host problem?

  • Change your DNS servers to public DNS servers
  • Clear DNS cache of Chrome browser
  • Clear DNS cache of your local PC or Mac
  • Disable DNS prefetching or prediction on Chrome
  • Change LAN settings
  • Modifying hosts file
  • Don’t use unreliable proxy and VPN
  • IP conflict due to multiple computers connected to the same wireless router
  • Contacting your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

A step by step guide to Fix Resolving Host problem

  • Go to the menu in your Google Chrome toolbar
  • Select settings. This is the shortcut for accessing the settings window (Chrome://Settings” — without the quotation marks — in the address bar)
  • Navigate to Show Advanced Settings which is found at the bottom of the Settings menu.
  • Find the option to Predict network actions to improve page load performance, and uncheck it if it was checked. (It is enabled by default but you can disable. Note that this will not have an effect on your browser’s functionality.)
  • This will disable DNS pre-fetching, thus; solving the “resolving Host” problem
  • Now you can exit the Settings tab safely to automatically save your changes.
  • You can now refresh the Web page in your browser and clarify the issue was solved.

Things to know about resolving Host problem

A guide to fix Resolving host problem in chrome browsers

In whatever challenges you experience in chrome, it’s not advisable to install plugins from unknown sites that claim to solve common application or operating system problems. These might be clear sources of malicious tools that will damage your computer. You should only install plugins from trusted sites/sources and the developers also known.