Zuku Fiber Internet Packages and Prices in Uganda

zuku fiber internet uganda
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As the battle for network solutions and fast internet speeds takes shape in Uganda, Zuku fiber internet has come out with some good answers.  Am talking about an Internet-to-the-Home cable network solution that continues to spread its optical cables to wash away our Internet access problems.

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Zuku Fiber uses fiber optic cables that are made of glass and as so thin as a strand of human hair to transmit data and offer home and office internet solutions in Uganda.


How Fiber Optic Internet Works?

Fiber-optic Internet is an Internet connection that transfers data fully or partially via fiber optic cables. “Fiber” refers to the thin glass wires inside the larger protective cable. “Optic” is the way the type of data is transferred – light signals. Zuku’s introduction of fiber internet on the market has significantly exposed us to a more reliable source of internet connection than the direct subscriber line model.

The Wananchi Cable (Uganda) Ltd fiber to the home company supports broadband, telephone, and PayTV services through their two main packages-The Triple Play package and the Zuku business package.

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Zuku Fiber Installation Prices in Uganda

In contrast to other fiber services providers such as Simba Fiber or Airtel Xstream Fiber, who levy fees of UGX 60,000 and UGX 100,000 respectively for installation, Zuku Fiber stands out by providing complimentary installation services for FREE. With Zuku Fiber, customers can enjoy the convenience of having their internet connection set up without incurring any additional costs.

Zuku Fiber Internet Speeds and Packages

Each of these two packages has different plans that come with varying internet speeds upon purchase. Let us dive into each of these fiber packages;

Internet Only Package

This package offers only unlimited wifi for a month;

Zuku PackageFiber Internet SpeedPricing in UGX
Internet Only10 Mbps149,000
Internet Only20 Mbps199,000
Internet Only40 Mbps319,000
Internet Only100 Mbps539,000

The Triple play package (Internet, TV, and Telephone services Bundled Together)

The triple play package offers 4 plans that come with different prices and internet speeds upon subscription. These plans are;

Zuku PackageFiber Internet Speed   Pricing in UGX
Basic10MbpsUGX 147,900
Preferred20MbpsUGX 197,900
Premium40MbpsUGX 297,000
Advanced100MbpsUGX 497,000
All the above plans give you access to 56+ channels, free installation, free Zuku-to-Zuku calls, free wifi router, and a free Digital TV decoder.
Zuku Fiber internet uganda
Triple Play Packages

Zuku Business Package (Empowering businesses)

Do you need unlimited internet access for work-related issues? Let us talk about Zuku’s internet fiber for office and its plans;

Zuku PackageFiber Internet SpeedPricing in UGX
Infinite 1010MbpsUGX 159,900
Infinite 2020MbpsUGX 279,900
Infinite 3030MbpsUGX 479,900
All plans come with free installation (limited-time promotion) and a WiFi router upon purchase. A cordless phone is an add if you are willing to pay UGX 49,900 irrespective of the plan. In case you wish to get an IP address, kindly prepare a monthly fee of UGX 34,900.
Zuku fiber internet 1
Zuku Business Package Plans

The Zuku business package is a modular-based service that enables you to only buy and pay for what you need. You can enable office mobility via fully managed wifi and also extend Digital TV to all your rooms.

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How to pay for Zuku Fibre Internet Uganda

For those that are already connected, Zuku offers you various convenient ways to make your payment. These options are Mobile Money transfers such as MTN, Airtel, and also through Visa Cards. Here is how to pay;

1. Pay for Zuku via MTN mobile money

  • Dial *165# to access the MTN Money Menu
  • Select Payments
  • Choose Pay TV
  • Now select ZUKU TV
  • Enter your 6-digit Account Number
  • You input the Amount
  • Enter your MTN Mobile Money Pin and Confirm payment

2. Pay for Zuku via Airtel Mobile Money

  • Dial *185# to access your mobile money menu.
  • You choose pay bill – Option 4
  • Select pay-TV – Option 3
  • Choose Option 5 for Zuku
  • Enter the 6-digit Zuku Account Number
  • Input the Amount
  • You can now enter your Airtel Money PIN and Send
  • Payment reflects on Zuku within 15 minutes.

3. Pay for Zuku through CBA collections

Here is the information you need.

  • Account Name: Wananchi Cable Uganda Limited.
  • Account Number: 201397200017.
  • Swift Code: UGBAUGKA.
  • Branch: Nakasero, Plot 10 Kafu Road.

4. Pay for Zuku through the official website

  • To pay through their website, click here and follow the guidelines.
Zuku Internet Uganda Coverage

Unfortunately, not all Ugandans can enjoy the Zuku fast fiber internet speeds. There are still factors limiting total coverage. You can put this limited (maybe slow-paced) coverage to various factors like hefty costs, demand, and geographical reasons, among others. However, the fiber optical cables have been passed through most of the urban areas around Kampala.

If you live in the areas of Naguru, Kololo, Bukoto, Ntinda, Kyambogo, Bugolobi, Mbuya, Mutungo, Mbuya, and Luzira, then you should be among those that are enjoying the Zuku internet package plans. More areas are still on the “COMING SOON” list.

Zuku Fiber Customer Care Helpline

If you need thorough help, then you can contact the customer support number at 0200724848 or email [email protected] for connection help. You can also visit their offices at Diamond Trust Building,13th Floor Opposite Cham Towers, Kampala Road, Kampala, Uganda.


Fibre internet brings a lot to the table. It is the present and future of internet connection that is if the service providers don’t pull out. The speeds that fiber optics delivers are ideal for virtually anything you do online. Think about live TV and movie streaming, playing real-time multiplayer games online, and connecting many devices, such as computers, mobile devices, and smart TVs, at once!

Fiber-optic Internet does not rely on electricity, so power outages and proximity to powerful electrical equipment will run with little to no interference on your connection. Zuku Fiber Internet is a promise to the future of the internet in Uganda.

Are you hooked on any Zuku fiber packages? Let us know about your experiences.

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