Zoom Vs Google Meet – Pros and Cons

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After the pandemic, there was a whole new wave of patterns generally in every aspect of life. This did not exempt communication which was regarded as the biggest method of spreading the pandemic. There already existed video calling apps, but they had some limitations, except for Zoom and Google Meet which supported both high-quality calls and expressive gestures. Throughout the various lockdowns, these platforms enabled both individuals and companies to carry out their meetings conveniently. In this article, we are going to scrutinize them and find out which is better. However, let’s first define these two platforms.

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What is Google Meet?

Originally called Google Hangouts, Google Meet is Google’s own meeting app that enables teams to get together and put-up meaningful conversations. Google had to rebrand its Hangouts communication service back in 2017 to Google Meet and integrated it with Google Chat. Most recently, they also added Duo into the service and it forms part of the standard G Suite.

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What Is Zoom?

Just for the record, Zoom was launched earlier than it became famous, in 2013. Zoom is cloud-based and it can be used with all major devices and operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc. The app is famous for its user-friendly interface and multiple features including a green screen and the ability to customize it to one’s taste.

Zoom app vs Google meet - ugtechmag.com

Comparison Of Zoom and Google Meet

First-time configuration 

It so happens that both apps are very easy to set up for the first time. However, Google Meet automatically syncs with your signed-in account. Zoom on the other hand can use a Zoom account or a Google account which might take time to set up, unlike Google Meet.

Video recording

Google Meet can automatically record a meeting including all speakers and save it in the Google Drive of the organizer. For Zoom, the video call is recorded and the download link is sent to the organizer’s email. This is a tie for both of these apps as both methods are convenient. Zoom lets one save the recording to their computer and if they pay for a subscription, they can save it to the cloud.

In-call Messages

Both Zoom and Google Meet allow messaging during the call, but you lose the chat if it ends. The difference with Zoom is the possibility to send private or public messages whilst Google Meet only supports public messages.

Number Of Participants

Zoom can accommodate up to 1000 participants, while Google Meet can handle not more than 250 participants. However, you can host a large, live stream event where they support up to 49 videos at default quality.

Google Meet vs Zoom: File sharing

Zoom allows one to attach all sorts of files (PDFs, video files, etc.) before the call which ensures that everyone in that meeting gets automatic access. In the Zoom world, you’re able to send files privately or publicly for your own convenience and you can instead share your screen.

Google Meet vs Zoom: Screen sharing

Both apps support screen sharing which lets your audience see what is on your computer monitor. The difference is their naming, where Google Meet has a button called Present Now, and Zoom has Share Screen. This would let you share the entire screen, a window, or a tab except for Safari browser which only supports full screen. Additionally, Zoom allows multiple people to share their screens, while Google Meet does not.

Google Meet Vs Zoom - ugtechmag.com

Google Meet vs Zoom Pricing

Both of these apps have similar prices, but Zoom is a little more expensive. Let’s take a look at the Google Meet Prices first.

Google Meet Prices

Google Meet has three plans which also include the free one with calls spanning one hour and a maximum of 100 participants. The least paid one is $8 per active user per month and enables you to include 150 participants during your calls which could last up to 24 hours. The extreme plan involves customization, so you may have to reach their support. However, it gives you a chance to invite 250 participants to your calls.

Zoom Prices

Zoom has a basic free plan which lets you host meetings of up to 100 participants for 40 minutes. If you go for the Pro plan, you pay $149.90 per year and it’s suitable for small teams. With this plan, you get to enjoy up to 30 hours of a single meeting, social streaming, and 1GB of cloud recording. The final ones are called the Business plan which costs $199.90 per year, and the Zoom United Business which goes for $350 per year. 


As seen above, if you’re looking for convenience and ease of use, Google Meet will do you and your colleagues a lot of wonders. However, if you have a team of more than 250 members, go ahead and do the Zoom plans although they are a little more expensive. If you found this useful, please let us know below.