Top 10 YouTube channels to learn programming

various programming technologies
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A lot of these software development skills are not gotten from class. A CS degree won’t get you anywhere without the actual programming and software development skills.

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The internet provides a number of resources from which you can learn any programming language or skill, but without properly organized knowledge, you might as well drown in the vast of resources available.

It’s not a hassle for those lucky enough to afford paid courses from popular websites like Udemy, Coursera, Plural sight and many others.

However, if you’re for one not ready to spend a few hundreds of dollars or so on such websites, YouTube is at your rescue and these YouTube channels will help you build your programming skills from novice to expert level.

1. The Net Ninja

the net ninja cover image

This youtube dojo is just the place to black-belt your development skills with its wide range of step by step tutorials in different programming languages and spaces.

Every tutorial is based on a real project which gives you the actual feel of project development and setup and this is topped off the understandable British accent and audibility of the tutor Shaun.

The dojo has classes on; Modern JavaScript (beginner to advanced), Node.j, React, Vue.js, Firebase, MongoDB, HTML & CSS, plus lots more…

Visit The Net Ninja

2. Traversy Media

Traversy Media cover image

With close to one million subscribers, this tutorial hub is a well sought out channel by many developers around the world. This can be attributed to its large subscription base and also its wide database of tutorials.

Traversy Media features the best online web development and programming tutorials for all of the latest web technologies including Node.js, Angular 2, React.js, PHP, Rails, HTML, CSS and much more

Visit Traversy Media

3. freeCodeCamp

freeCodeCamp cover image

If you are looking for a one-stop channel for a particular topic, freeCodeCamp is the place for you because it features one hour plus tutorials on a particular topic some even going up to the level of a complete course on the topic.

This together with its massive subscription base and opensource online community can be the best place to take you from beginner to advanced in a particular topic.

Topics covered on this channel include but are not limited to, popular programming courses, java, Django, PHP, app development.

Visit freeCodeCamp

4. GOTO conferences

GOTO conferences cover image

Created for developers, by developers, GOTO Conferences is a series of software development conferences focused on gathering the best minds in the software community to bring the most interesting topics to light. This channel features video interviews and presentations from GOTO Conferences and GOTO Nights.

GOTO is produced by Trifork, a leading full-service supplier of high-quality, custom-built applications and end-to-end solutions.

So for developers looking for information or even inspiration on topics like software architecture, human factor, microservices, security, and privacy, to mention but a few, GOTO conferences is the channel for you.

Visit GOTO conferences

5. Thenewboston

Thenewboston cover image

With its massive database of web design and development tutorials, this channel has attracted a subscription base of more than two million people.

Besides web design and development, Thenewboston also features Tons of other sweet computer related tutorials and some other awesome videos too in fields like command-line,  graphics design, and networking.

This makes this channel a possible one-stop for most of your development needs.

Visit Thenewboston

6. LevelUpTuts

LevelUpTuts cover image

Despite having only a little over a thousand videos, this channel offers a very needed in-depth insight on every topic covered even at the basic level. The tutorials on this channel are easy to follow while maintaining high values of production.

The tutorials on the channel are created, recorded, edited, published and maintained by Scott Tolinski who ensures high-quality videos.

Visit LevelUpTuts

7. FunFunFunction

FunFunFunction cover image

With fun in its name, this channel does not disappoint with its presentation of content. Its contributor Mattias Petter Johansson, mpj for short strives to make the presentation of his content not only educative and helpful but also fun by having different guests over from different levels of programming.

If you check out this channel for the first time, you’d think it a programming show and not a series of tutorials because of the fun way the content is presented.

But leaving the fun aside, this channel offers useful information to programmers including, Javascript, React, Web app development, functional programming, to mention but a few.

Visit FunFunFunction

8. CSS – Tricks

CSS - Tricks cover image

Chris Coyier focuses on website design using CSS and HTML in great detail on this channel.

Together with tutorials on website development using WordPress, this channel is the place for website designers from basic to advanced.

Visit CSS – Tricks

9. The Coding Train

The Coding Train cover image

Get ready for a wild train ride when you visit this channel as it takes you on an in-depth ride to a particular destination.

The Coding Train has creative coding video tutorials on subject destinations ranging from the basics of programming languages like JavaScript to algorithmic art, machine learning, simulation, generative poetry, and more.

But leaving the fun aside, this channel offers useful information to programmers including, Javascript, React, Web app development, functional programming, to mention but a few.

Visit The Coding Train

10. mmtuts

mmtuts cover image

For those looking to learn web development from scratch, this channel provides online computer courses in programming and multimedia skills.  

This channel also provides courses for those interested in video production

The courses include in a nutshell video editing, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and PHP tutorials.

Visit mmtuts