You can now reverse Mobile money Transactions

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Did you just mistakenly transact money from your mobile account? Or did you just buy airtime instead of sending money from your Equity bank account to your mobile money account? You got to be in a panic thinking of how you can transact this money back to your bank account or mobile money account. No worries; sit and relax. I will just take you through these simple steps to reverse Mobile money Transactions.

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Those days it was so hard to reverse Mobile money Transactions once carried on. Even if you called any or mobile customer care services, they would claim that it’s impossible. So you would get stack with your 100k airtime you mistakenly bought, or give up on your money you transacted to a wrong mobile money number. All that is no longer a concern because now you can reverse Mobile money Transactions

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How to register for MTN Mobile money account

First of all, I will show you how you can register for MTN mobile money account in a few steps; also note the requirements for opening up this account.

You must have a valid photocopy of your identity card, passport or driver’s license before visiting any MTN authorized agent.

The MTN mobile money agent will issue you with a valid operating mobile money SIM card after verifying your personal details.

Insert the acquired mobile money SIM card into your handset device in order to receive a prompt SMS asking you to register.

Select ‘My MTN’ on your handset and then go to ‘mobile money’. Enter ‘Register’ and enter your Identity card number again.

A prompt asking you to input your mobile money PIN will appear on your screen, Input the four digits PIN and confirm your pin in the next step.

You will receive a welcome message on your phone. All subscribers are advised to keep their mobile money pin confidential

Things to note before you reverse Mobile money Transactions

This procedure for airtime reversal has rules and regulations that you must fulfill before making any mobile money reversal requests; I have listed them down for you.

Reversal must be from purchase of airtime from mobile money wallet.

It must be initiated strictly from the subscriber’s own wallet.

Reversals from mobile money agents airtime is not acceptable. This means that mobile money agents should not use their airtime to process reversals for customers and subscribers.

Only full amounts are reversed. This means that you should not use up the airtime before requesting for a reversal.

The sender of the airtime needs first to receive an approval to carry out the reversal procedure. Airtime reversals are valid only within 72 hours after the wrong transaction. This means that your chances thin out immediately after the wrong transaction.

A confirmation note for the successful airtime reversal has to reach the sender after the reversal process is complete.

How to reverse Mobile money Transactions

When users and subscribers send money to a wrong person by accident, or by inputting the wrong recipient number, they are advised to use MTN mobile money reversal services.

However, users must note that wrong transactions of money should be reported within 30 days to allow space for investigations and the establishment of claims of wrong transactions to be carried out.

This means that established claims that are approved for reversal have to be taken care of within 15 days of a claim. Below are the steps you should follow in order to reverse mobile money transactions.

  • Visit the nearest MTN mobile money agent to reverse MTN mobile money.
  • Report the matter of the wrong transaction to the wrong person within 30 days of the incident.
  • Give the correct figure of the amount wrongly transacted, and the number sent to
  • Give time for the claim to be investigated and established.
  • Approval of the claim will result in your mobile money reversal being processed. Mobile money reversal takes place within 15 days from the day reported.
  • Confirm a successful mobile money reversal once done.

How you can safely send Money via MTN mobile money to avoid errors

  • Dial this code, *170# and reply with 1.
  • Go to SIM menu.
  • Go to mobile money.
  • Go to transfer money to.
  • Go to mobile user.
  • Put in the recipients number.
  • Put in the right amount of money.
  • Then enter your mobile money pin.