WTMP: This App will Take a Picture of Whoever Touches your Phone

WTMP: This App will Take a Picture of Whoever Touches your Phone-ugtechmag.com
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Your smartphone is fundamental for your livelihood and houses a lot of personal information from work emails, to bank details, sensitive pictures, and chats. This explains why no smartphone holder would love their phone to be accessed by an intruder. However, that does not stop intruders from trying their luck. That’s how the WTMP app comes into play and helps you to take a picture of whoever touches your phone.

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WTMP which translates to “Who Touched My Phone,” is a mobile application that takes a picture of anyone who touches a phone. When the WTMP feature is enabled, the app uses motion sensors to detect movement if someone picks up the phone which triggers the front camera to take pictures of anyone who touched that phone. Once the picture is taken, it is saved in the Reports section inside the app. This app is designed to increase the security of smartphones and protect users’ privacy.

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How to Use the WTMP to Take a Picture of People who Touch your Phone?

1. Download the WTMP app on your phone. It is available on Play Store and App Store.

2. Once the app has been installed, open the app and set a passcode for the WTMP app so that only you can access the details of the report. Also, allow the app to access your phone Camera and send you notifications.

3. Tap the Green button to turn red, then lock your phone without leaving the app. Hereafter, if anyone touches your phone, the app will take a selfie.

WTMP: This App will Take a Picture of Whoever Touches your Phone-ugtechmag.com

4. To see the pictures of whoever checked your phone, start the app, then go to the Reports tab, there you will find different report documents showing the date and time. Tap on the report you want to view and you will see who touched your phone.

Wrap-Up: This is the app for you if you want to see anyone snooping on your phone. With WTMP, users can rest assured that their phones are secure and their personal information is safe. I used the free version. As soon as I got three reports I was unable to set up the feature. Every time, I tapped the green button I was referred to an upgrade page. Of course, if you wish to use the WTMP app longer and unlock other features, you will need to upgrade to WTMP PRO and pay 2.49$ per week, 2.99$ per month, or 8.99$ every six months, or 9.99$ per year.