WPS Office App at a glance, a Microsoft Office alternative

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If you are looking for Microsoft Office alternatives, and prefer small-sized office applications to create quality documents, then WPS is your answer.

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WPS was made by a Chinese software developing company called, Kingsoft and is a perfect substitute for MS office offering word editing, presentation slides, Excel Spreadsheets, and also PDF support.

Here’s WPS compatibility

  • Windows

For Windows machines, it comes with personalized office software and full PDF support.

  • Mac

For Mac computers, it comes with free mac software compatible with the usual file formats.

  • Linux

On Linux, it is compatible with most versions including CentOS, Mint, Ubuntu, and other distros.

  • Android

In android devices, WPS Office comes packed together in one with the main tools, a Writer for word editing, a presentation feature that can be compared to Microsoft’s PowerPoint, Spreadsheets, and PDF reader.
All these being compatible with Microsoft Office documents, document encryption, and cloud synchronization.

  • iOS

With iOS, it is compatible with the usual document formats, it also fully supports Microsoft formats with ease.

  • Web Office

On the web, there is full platform WPS support, cloud compatibility, and others.

By now some of you must be wondering how WPS is an alternative to Ms office, given the reputation Microsoft has. Can WPS be that good to the extent of matching the office?

WPS unique features:

  • Customization – It allows you to customize each app’s interface separately, in that way, you can enjoy having different interfaces work for you in different programs.
  • Compatibility – It does a good job at being compatible with Microsoft Office files. WPS writer also offers over fifty templates for all sorts of business and personal documents.
  • WPS Meeting – WPS allows you to start meetings anywhere without professional advice. You can have voice conversations with an unlimited number of participants while having a slide show.
  • Edit PDF directly – I love this one. It saves a bunch of time. Instead of first converting a PDF file to word then edit, you can edit the PDF directly without changing its format.
  • Picture to PDF – There’s an increasing demand for getting a text from an image. WPS’ Optical Character Recognition makes this possible within the shortest time. Various image formats are supported which include png, jpeg, jpg, BMP and more…
    You can do this through drag and drop mechanism.
  • PDF to Word – Instead of looking for online converters, WPS enables you to do locally on your machine just like Microsoft does it. This protects you from confidentiality issues in cases where sensitive information is involved.
  • Translate – This is a must-have for a word processor. Unfortunately, not all word processors have this feature. WPS is shipped with a translator that lets you translate your docs into other languages.
  • Scanner – WPS is an all in one app that will save you from downloading a bunch of applications to your device. You have all you need to process documents. The scanner allows you to scan documents using your phone camera.
  • Tracking – Features for reviewing documents, commenting and tracking changes are included. You can share files with others via a link through WPS Cloud with a mind-blowing memory space of 1GB.
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WPS Office eases the process of editing and accessing your files wherever you are at any time period.

Whichever case it is, be it when you require sending edits for your group project using Writer, make sheets with Spreadsheets, or share a presentation to your team with Presentation, WPS can get it all done.

How to use WPS Office

Sharing files with WPS Office

Sharing files is quite not hard, whether you want to use your computer, smartphone, or tablet, there’s a share button for that in the app.

The Share function is instant. One can generate a QR code to share documents with smartphones and tablets, with ease.

To start sharing files with the WPS Office app, you need to create an account. After the download, you’ll see an option to sign in or create an account. You can sign up with email, Facebook or Google, whichever works for you.

How to share a file from phone to PC with WPS

  • Open the WPS app and open the file you want to share
  • Tap on the Share label at the bottom menu
  • Under Share As Options, click Computer
sharing a file from WPS mobile app
  • Select your computer listed in the dialog and then tap Send
  • The shared file will be displayed on your PC in WPS home screen

How to share a link with WPS Office on PC

  • Open the document with WPS office
  • Click on the Share button at the top right corner of the editor
  • A dialog generating the link will be shown. It will show “Link share ready” after creating the link
  • Click on the link icon to copy the link and share it anywhere. The user doesn’t need to have WPS installed on their device to use this link.
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You can also click on the QR code icon and then scan it with your mobile phone or tablet to have the file open in your WPS mobile app.

How to start a meeting with WPS office on PC

Open the WPS desktop app and click on WPS Meeting from the home menu

opening a WPS meeting on PC

A new tab will open where you can start or join in an ongoing meeting

Options to start or join a WPS meeting on PC

Joining a meeting is very simple, just tap on Join Meeting and enter the meeting id or link. You’ll need to get the id or the link from the person who started the meeting or someone who is in the meeting already.

To start a new meeting, click on Start Meeting.

A file explorer will open for you to select the file that you’ll share during the meeting, a common one is a presentation.

Navigate to the file location, click on it and then tap on the Open button.

A meeting will be started in a new tab. Click on your profile icon/image at the top right corner of the editor and tap Invite Members

inviting members to a WPS meeting

You can then share the meeting ID or meeting link with the people who need to participate.

How to start a meeting with WPS office on Phone

Open the WPS app and click on the Tools label in the bottom menu.

Navigate to the Document Processor section and click on Meeting

WPS Document processor section

To join an ongoing meeting, click on the Access button and scan the QR code provided by the person who started the meeting or someone already attending the meeting.

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To start a new meeting, click on the Invite button.

Options to start or join a WPS meeting

Navigate to the file to be shared during the meeting and open it.

Tap on the Group icon at the bottom right corner of the screen then click on Plus icon at the top right corner to invite members to the meeting.

inviting members to a WPS meeting

Share the meeting link by either sending it through WhatsApp or copying and sending it with any other app of your preference

You can access other features in WPS Office by navigating to the Tools section on mobile or by clicking on the Apps label in the desktop app.