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WordCamp Kampala
Photo Credit: WordCamp Kampala
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Every close of the year the WordPress community group in Uganda organizes a WordPress conference known as the WordCamp summit which brings together technology enthusiasts and people who use the popular website building platform WordPress to network, learn, share & be inspired.

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This year again, the WordCamp conference will be held at The HiveColab Kanjokya – Kamwokya. The two-day event will take place from 30th November – 1st December 2019. You can register here to be part of this conference.

A brief about WordCamps.

WordCamps are casual conferences covering everything related to WordPress, organized in several cities world over, as listed on the wordcamp.org website.

The WordCamp conferences are attended by people ranging from blogging newbies to professional web developers and consultants, and usually, combine scheduled programming with workshop sessions and other activities.

WordCamps do not discriminate, WordPress users, developers, designers, and other enthusiasts should all feel welcome at a WordCamp, regardless of their experience level. The session generally spans a variety of formats, including lectures/presentations, live demos, Q&A, workshops. Ignite-style lightning presentations, panels, interviews, and any other format you can imagine.

Presentations are shared with the broader WordPress community by posting session slides/videos to the WordCamp channel on WordPress.tv.

The content of the sessions is firmly focused on using and developing for WordPress. Issues around blogging, business, and social media that are related to WordPress use may be included, but the bulk of the program(at least 80%) is specifically about WordPress.

Topics in WordCamp span the following criteria

  • Advanced development
  • Accessible design
  • Agile frameworks
  • Culture
  • Project management
  • Scaling up the business
  • SEO
  • Storytelling
  • Success stories
  • Working remotely ‘best practices’

The first WordCamp was held in 2017 in Kampala. In 2018, the Kampala WordPress community organized their second WordCamp Kampala 2018 which was bigger than the first one.

Credit: WordCamp KLA