How to withdraw PayPal money in Uganda

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A few months ago, I made an article about how you can get a Payoneer MasterCard in Uganda which I guess, sounded like the best PayPal alternative for Ugandans. I have received tons of emails and messages from a number of my readers asking me how they can withdraw PayPal money smoothly in Uganda.

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The sad truth is, Paypal is not supported in Uganda. However, the good news is it’s not impossible to withdraw PayPal money in Uganda as we shall see in the following sections of this article.

Personally, I use Payoneer MasterCard for a lot of my online business transactions and withdraws, but guess what, PayPal is still popular as far as buying, selling products, and withdrawal transactions online.

In this post, I want to share with you some tricks me and my friends have used to withdraw PayPal money in Uganda for the last four years we have freelanced online.

In 2016, when I started gossip mill Uganda, little did I know that at some point I would need a PayPal account specifically for withdrawing money from monetizing platforms such as MGID.

For the past four years, I have worked online in Uganda, withdrawing money from PayPal is one of the hardest things.

I have withdrawn PayPal money three to four times in Uganda, the majority of these moments, I used some Kenyan friends since PayPal is supported there.

Basing on my experience and need to find a temporary ( sort of a permanent) solution to this problem, I decided to make a detailed research on how Ugandans can withdraw money on Paypal smoothly.

withdraw PayPal money in Uganda


Method 1: Use a friend From Kenya.

I know the problem with this method. Some of the questions that ran in my mind while I thought of it where:-

  • How do I find someone who can help me in Kenya?
  • Should I trust him with my PayPal cash?

In 2016, When I and my friend Davis had got approved by MGID to monetize our gossip blogs, we looked for a possible way to withdraw PayPal cash since it was the only supported payout means.

We tried out a couple of ways but all in vain, so we were left with one option, getting a friend from Kenya who would help us withdraw this money.

I can’t really explain this, but withdrawing PayPal money can be a little bit stressful and tiresome. More so, to make it worse, most of the blog posts about how to get PayPal money in Uganda are a bit outdated and Paypal has since changed its terms of service.

I will explain the above point in the following section below.

So how do you get a Kenyan friend?

There is no formula for this!

Getting a Kenyan friend shouldn’t seem very complicated, personally, I used a network friend who was a digital marketer from Kenya and we met online ( never met physically ).

However, this can look a little bit tricky if you have not been friends for quite a time or you scarcely trust him. The other way is to use an OB or OG or relative who lives in Kenya.

Trust me, think about it and you won’t regret.

Method 2: Use Payoneer Debit Card :

withdraw PayPal money Uganda via payoneer

I wanted to clarify on this point, Paypal no longer supports connecting your PayPal account to Payoneer. In fact, violation of this rule can result in suspending your account or perhaps losing it all.

I no a lot of sites outside there still have Payoneer as a way to withdraw PayPal funds ( not just as an alternative ) which feels not right at all.

Years before, Paypal would allow users to connect their accounts to virtual US Payoneer accounts and allow the transfer of money to these virtual accounts. If you have a Payoneer account, you know it’s easy to transfer money from your account to a local bank or even withdraw it from a local ATM.

Nevertheless, if you try out this method and it works, I wouldn’t recommend it for you (you may lose it all yet there some cool options below to at least withdraw PayPal money).

However, if you have tried it out and it worked, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Method 3 : Using Gateway Uganda :

A couple of times I have been researching about how smoothly I can withdraw PayPal money in Uganda, these guys have been mentioned a lot.

I first used their service when I wanted to receive some bitcoin dollars from my Ukraine clients by then. credit themselves for helping Ugandans withdraw PayPal, bitcoin, skrill, Payoneer, and others money. However, they charge almost a 7% transaction fee if am not mistaken.

I remember I received my first bitcoin dollars in the next 15 minutes after contacting them via this WhatsApp number ( 0705 044444).

Update: Last I checked, they had a minimum withdraw of $100, may not be a better alternative for small freelancers

You can check them out and let me know via the comment section below.

Method 4: PayzUg

PayzUg is another Ugandan online platform that pledges to help Ugandans withdraw PayPal money from their accounts.

One thing I liked about these guys, they at least have a system in place to assure Ugandans that they’re legitimate enough (i.e they are not here to disappear with your money )

However, what I didn’t understand about their customer service, the replies (such a “k” ) I received from their live customer chat were a bit irritating. In fact, at some moment, I was made to think this unprofessional support is due to the lack of seriousness by the business heads.

Either way, you can give these guys a shoot and let me know what you think in the comment section below.

Updated 2020

Method 5: Use ePay Swift

This is another Kenyan company that will help you withdraw pay pal cash here in Uganda. The company opened up doors to help Ugandans withdraw PayPal cash straight to their Mobile money in a matter of seconds.

I have tried them and I would recommend you give them a shot if you want to withdraw PayPal money here in Uganda.


I know you have come along way to decide on what method you fill would at least work for you more appropriately. But just as I told you before, withdrawing PayPal money in Uganda is stressing and tiresome.

It’s not direct to withdraw from PayPal in Uganda.

However, as technologies advance and a lot of startups come up with brighter solutions, I believe in the next 10 years ( hope you’ll be patient enough ) we shall be in a position to withdraw money from PayPal in Uganda.

Do you have any other method we need to know or try out, 8 shares with UgTech Mag readers, leave a comment below or simply contact me via contact us. Let’s have this conversation going in our forum.