Wireless routers and their prices in Uganda – Buyer’s Guide

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Having wireless internet access is crucial in this day and age of the Internet of Things. With a lot of internet access options, wireless routers stand a chance of winning your heart when it comes to a lot of factors, as you will see ahead. What are the things one should consider before buying a wireless router in Uganda? Is it price, the use case, or you should just go by what worked for your friend?

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Are you looking to have dedicated internet access for your home, office, or a small start-up, the Wireless routers are something you should look into.

You might be looking for the best wireless routers and their prices in Uganda. Here I break down for you all the different wireless routers and what you should consider before buying a router in Uganda.

Wireless routers are the best internet connection options for office use, and you will see why below. Let us delve into the details.


What is a Wireless Router?

A wireless router is a device that acts as a router, but also offers wireless internet access. It is a device that enables access to the internet and transfers data packets across a network.

Not only does a wireless router offer “wireless” internet access as the name says. It can also provide wired access on a LAN, with the help of an ethernet cable. This depends on the device manufacturer, not all WiFi routers offer wired internet access.

How a Wireless Router works

A wireless router receives data packets or information from the internet and then transmits information back to the internet. It can be used as a stand-alone device (explained below) from telecom networks, connecting directly to the internet or it can be connected to a Local Area Network so as to redistribute wireless internet access. Another use case for a Wireless router is, it can be connected to a modem so as to support wired or wireless internet connection for other devices on a network.

Not every WiFi router is used to create a Wireless Internet connection on a Local Area Network or with a modem. Some are just stand-alone devices, which just require plugging into electricity and you enjoy wireless internet access.

Using your stand-alone telecom wireless router

In order to use a telecom Wireless Router, you need to purchase a router subscription plan from your local internet service provider. In Uganda, when you buy a wifi router from an Internet service provider, they offer you a sim card to go with the device. You can then buy an internet bundle for your router on the sim card.

This stand-alone wireless router automatically detects network access from your provider and sets up a WiFi hot spot. You can then connect to your hot spot with the password logins at the back of your wifi router. You can change the password with the admin logins (still at the back of your router device), once you access the device’s settings.

Wireless routers and their prices in Uganda

In this particular section, I will share mostly telecom routers and those with sim card slots (They can also be used on a LAN). These standalone telecom routers enable you to connect to the internet easily by inserting your sim card and buying an internet subscription from your preferred telecom network in Uganda.

1. Airtel Broadband WiFi router

Airtel Uganda offers a standalone WiFi router that offers internet connectivity for your home, office, or small business. The Airtel Broadband starter packer comes with an Outdoor and Indoor unit. The indoor unit has ports to connect your Ethernet cable directly to your PC. It comes with FREE 51GB for 30 days.

Price: UGX 280,000 (+ FREE 51GB)

Specifications: 4G Broadband speeds, LAN/Ethernet connection to a laptop, FREE installation, FREE VIP maintenance (inclusive of cost above)

Number of users: 32 WiFi-enabled devices

Where to buy: Directly on Jumia | Contact Airtel: 0200900710 or Via Airtel’s Device purchase Website

Wireless routers prices Uganda - Airtel 4G Broadband router - ugtechmag

2. Airtel 4G Smart box Wireless router

The Airtel 4G Smartbox is different from the broadband WiFi router above. The 4G Smartbox is a stand-alone device. This is mainly because it has no outdoor unit and no installation is required. All you need is to connect it to power, and all enjoy your dedicated home or office internet. It comes with FREE 51GB for 30 days.

Price: UGX 280,000

Specifications: 4G internet speeds, LAN/Ethernet connection to a laptop, 3000 mAH battery backup

Number of users: 32 users on WiFi

Where to buy: Directly on Jumia | Contact Airtel: 0200900710 | Via Airtel’s Device purchase Website

3. MTN 4G WiFi router

MTN Uganda also has a bundle of joy for its internet users’ interests in office and home wifi solutions in Uganda. The MTN 4G Wifi router is a bit more expensive than Airtel’s. It comes with 10GB of free data for 30 days.

Price: UGX 349,000

Specifications: 4G internet capability, Fixed-line router

Number of users: 32 users

Where to buy: Call MTN customer care on 100

Buy MTN 4G Wifi router prices Uganda - ugtechmag

4. MTN Wakanet Wireless router

MTN Uganda has a home internet solution called MTN WakaNet. When you purchase the Wakanet service, you are given a FREE 4G router in your starter pack. Unfortunately, this service is only available in select areas of Kampala. Hopefully, it will penetrate your local town soon. It comes with FREE 35GB with no expiry.

You can read more about MTN Wakanet here.

Price: UGX 245,000

Specifications: 4G internet capability

Number of users: 32 users

Where to buy: Call MTN customer care on 100

5. Africell 4G LTE Router

Africell Uganda has a D-link DWR-921 4G LTE router up for grabs. This router is both wired and wireless, here are the specs and prices below. It comes with FREE 75GB valid for 30 days.

Price: UGX 120,000

Specifications: Connects to 4G and 3G (for areas with a poor network connection) Internet, 4G Speeds up to 150mbps (Not sure if it’s upload or download speed), 4 LAN ports, Supports both Windows and Mac laptops

Number of users: 32 users

Where to buy: Call 0790000100 on any network or Africell customer care on 100

Africell 4G LTE Router prices Uganda - ugtechmag

6. 4G LTE Sim Card Router D-link

Jumia has a vast listing of routers you can choose from. Among these, I eyed the 4G LTE sim card D-link router.

Price: UGX 315,000

Specifications: Sim card slot (Supports 3G & 4G LTE), Upto 300Mbps 2.4 GHz wireless speed (Provided you internet service provider supports this range), Wired and Wireless, 4G LTE / 3G with up to 150 Mbps download (Provided your ISP can reach this limit)

Number of users: Not stated

Where to buy: Directly on Jumia

Buy wireless routers and their prices Uganda - ugtechmag

Factors to consider before buying a Wireless Router in Uganda


For telecom (stand-alone) wireless routers, you should consider your location. Depending on your internet provider, always ensure that the area wherever you intend to use the wifi router is supported. In certain areas of Uganda, internet speed is not as fast, and this might affect your experience.

Number of devices you can connect on WiFi router

Different wireless routers support up to a given number of users. For a single-band 2.4 GHz supported WiFi router, it can allow up to 32 users. A dual-band 5.0 GHz supported WiFi router can allow up to 64 wireless devices simultaneously. Some robust and high-end wireless routers used for a LAN can connect up to 250 devices. Whatever works best for you, go for it.

These, however, vary in prices, which drives us to our next factor to consider before buying a wifi router.

Price of WiFi Router

There is always a different price tag on a WiFi router, due to reasons of functionality, support features, and more. Before buying a wifi router, consider the functions that favor your usage demands.

Network range/Coverage

Your Wifi router might not have a strong signal when placed in certain parts of your office or house. It could be that the area is large, and due to the many walls and other obstacles, a network interruption can occur.

You can buy a Wifi booster, or what is technically called a Wifi router Signal repeater to amplify your signal, for larger offices. Some of these boosters are wired and others are wireless access points. Depending on what you prefer, this will surely provide a stronger wireless signal in the different areas of your large office or house.

To skip the cost of Wifi boosters, there are mesh routers. These are quite expensive but come with one main router and various internet access points.

Router Types

There are different types of WiFi routers, and these come with various supports and features. It is always better to get the WiFi router with the latest router.

There are two WiFi routers standards or types.

  1. IN Router
  2. AC Router
IN RouterAC Router
Old technologyLatest technology
Uses 2.4 GHz bandUses 5.0 GHz band
Slow internet speedFaster internet speed
Network range travels farNetwork range covers smaller areas
Here are the two wireless router standards/types you need to know

Security features

So as to control what goes through your WiFi router, some of these devices come with security control features. These act like safeguards to keep your network from external injections that may infect your network. Not every wireless router offers these security features.

These can include a strong firewall, installation of 3rd party security controls, blocking access to certain websites to safeguard children, limits on internet usage access by certain users, allowing/disabling guests, and more other controls.

You can also watch this quick guide on what to consider before buying a router for your home or office.

Will a wireless router make my internet faster?

It is important to note that a wireless router will not make your internet faster. Your internet speed largely depends on the subscription bandwidth package you are buying from your local internet service provider.

Wireless router prices in Uganda (Comparison)

In this table, we compare wireless router prices in Uganda for the different telecoms.

UGX 280,000
UGX 120,000
UGX 349,000
4G & 3G
Free data
Number of users
Price comparison – Routers in Uganda

Advantages of a Wifi Router over a MiFi

Buying a router comes with some advantages as compared to a MiFi. These include:-

  • A router can serve wireless internet to multiple devices
  • A router offers a wider network range/coverage

Other than this, the MiFi too has some advantages over a router, the main one being its portability. You can carry around your MiFi during travel and easily connect your phone or laptop to the internet.

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It has been a long way up to down here, hopefully, you can now choose a WiFi router that suits your needs. The WiFi router prices vary based on many factors as stated above, tell us what you consider before buying a router. The comment section is all yours.