Wired earphones VS wireless earphones: Which are better for you?

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Wired earphones VS wireless earphones: Which are better for you? This post compares the two.

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From a study by Statista, 66% of the participants use wireless headphones at home compared to wireless earphones at 58%. 

Earphones are electrical devices worn on the ear to receive radio or telephone communications or to listen to a radio, MP3 player, etc. Wireless earphones on the other hand are similar to wired earphones. Only that they connect wirelessly to audio devices.

Wired earphones usually outlast wireless earphones when it comes to durability.

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Wired earphones VS wireless earphones: Which are better for you?

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I have personally used both wired earphones and wireless earphones. If you are to ask me which is better? My answer will be that it depends. Depends on what exactly? Let us look at their comparison:

a) Wired earphones use headphone jacks and plugs to transmit sound from the device to the headphones. Some common types of headphone plugs include the 3.5mm jack.

On the other hand, wireless earphones use radio transmission technology (Bluetooth, radio frequency) to transfer audio data from the device to your ears.

b) When it comes to freedom of movement, wired earphones restrict your motion. Basically, you are tied to the audio source.

Whereas, with wireless earphones, your motion is not restricted at all. This means that you do not have to carry your audio device wherever you go as you are listening to your audio.

c) Thirdly, compatibility with newer devices. Newer devices are abandoning the 3.5mm jack. This is bad news for wired earphones in that they will not be able to be plugged into devices.

On the other hand, wireless earphones are benefiting more from this. How? With the 3.5mm jack out of the way, you will be prompted to use Bluetooth to connect to the wireless earphones and use them.

d) Usability. Wired earphones can be used anytime, anywhere. As long as you have them, you can plug them into your device and listen to the audio for as long as you desire.

Whereas, with wireless earphones, you will connect them to your device and listen for a few hours before having to recharge them. The recharging bit is not so convenient at times.

e) Price. Generally, wired earphones are cheaper than wireless earphones.

f) Sound quality. Surprisingly, wired earphones have better sound quality compared to wireless earphones.

Table summarizing the comparison between wired earphones and wireless earphones

Basis of comparisonWired earphonesWireless earphones
How they workConnect to a 3.5mm jackConnect wirelessly through radio transmission technology e.g. Bluetooth
MotionRestrict movementDo not restrict movement
Compatibility with newer devicesNewer devices are abandoning the 3.5mm jackCompatible with newer devices since they support Bluetooth
UsabilityDo not require chargingRequire charging
PriceAre usually cheaperAre more expensive
Sound QualityHave better sound qualityHave good sound quality


We have compared wired earphones to wireless earphones. Now you know they all have their pros and cons. If you are into listening to music as you are on the go — jogging or working out, you would want to have wireless earphones.

Whereas, if you are on a long journey somewhere, you would want to have wired earphones such that you do not experience the battery too low issue.

All in all, it is up to you to measure the pros and cons of each and determine if one is going to suit your needs.