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winx mediatrans as flash disk

Working with iTunes on a windows PC is slightly terrible . The program puts to a halt almost each and every part of your PC since it consumes a lot resources to do even the most basic thing such as playing music .

If you can agree with me , iTunes user interface has been deteriorating over the past few years confusing a lot of it’s users.

However whatever your reason for hating apples iTunes product , the good news is there are a number of powerful iTunes alternative for windows.

In this article we are going to look at our favorite iTunes alternative for windows WinX MediaTrans and how it measures up with iTunes.

WinX MediaTrans Review – best iTunes alternative for windows

What is WinX MediaTrans ?

WinX MediaTrans is an iPad/iPhone manager that allows windows users to transfer photos , videos and music between iPad , iPhone and computer .

The iTunes alternative for windows is easier to operate and understands windows users better than iTunes.

Consider WinX MediaTrans like a modern , lighter version of iTunes, without a lot of cruft. The software is easier to download , install and get started .

iTunes vs WinX MediaTrans

When it comes down to comparing these two , there is a lot in common and a quit a few differences as we shall see during our comparison.

It’s important to note that this comparison has been based on key functionalities and the general performance of these two softwares .

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We have analyzed the two software programs to ensure that what you’re about to read is genuine and not just biased opinions.


If you have used iTunes for the past few years , you must have realized how the software constantly crushes and over freezes  on windows PC .

It’s no doubt that iTunes can perfectly work on Mac but not in similar manner on windows PC unlike with WinX MediaTrans .

Everything feels more clear with the latter program, the software is easy to navigate and use. In fact you don’t need to keep searching for iTunes errors and solutions once you’re using WinX MediaTrans .

The best way you can clearly improvise on the setbacks of iTunes is by downloading  a suitable iTunes alternative such as WinX MediaTrans .

There is a lot i loved about using this iTunes alternative, first the performance was indeed up to its game and i can’t fail to mention that i never encountered any crashes or freezes .

Secondly ,you can manage your iPhone/iPad files far more easily than the iTunes manager on windows .

Perhaps i think one major setback of WinX MediaTrans is that the software may not be available on a couple of other operating systems such as Mac.

Design and User interface.

winx mediatrans itunes alternative for windows

When it comes down to system design and user interfaces, me and my team are always looking out for a few critical things such as graphics, ease to navigate and general appearance .

I don’t know about you but i believe the WinX MediaTrans graphics is fine though not the very best as compared to iTunes.

However one thing i will always give credit to winxDVD softwares‘ is their ability to design easy to navigate programs which may not be the case with iTunes.

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A lot of people say that iTunes looks very complicated for a newbie to easily find his way through . But thanks to the WinX MediaTrans, the software is straight to the point.

You can easily select what you want from home screen and get started with whatever you intended to do .

I wouldn’t say WinX MediaTrans has got absolutely the best system design and user interface but in the same sense iTunes is neither there too .

Besides User interface design is nothing if the software doesn’t met its user specifications and as such i would recommend WinX MediaTrans if you’re looking for best iTunes alternative for windows .

Features and System functionalities

winx mediatrans itunes alternative for windows

When it comes to system functionalities and features we can’t deny that iTunes has a whole lot of its own for their users. Besides it’s the official iPad/iPhone manager software.

However we can’t also totally ignore the fact that WinX MediaTrans has also played a big role as far as windows users are concerned.

WinX MediaTrans has got quit a number of cool features that you should at least look out for in this iTunes alternative for windows as shown below.

Manage Your iPhone Music & Playlist Safely and Effortlessly

Two way Music Transfer

winx mediatrans

The apple manager allows you to transfer music between iOS and windows OS without anything like unexpected information leakage and file erasing .

You can also create or modify playlist , edit artist or album info , manage ringtone & voice easily plus other things

Photo Transfer

winx mediatrans itunes alternative for windows

You can also transfer photos between iPhone and PC much faster than before . Perhaps you don’t have space for your iOS upgrade, you don’t necessarily have to delete beautiful moments yet you can transfer them to PC .

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Use iPhone as a secret USB

winx mediatrans as flash disk

Perhaps you forgot your USB flash at home , you can use your iPhone as a big flush disk . Pocket your words, PDF, Excel and anything and take them anywhere via your iPhone. All file types supported


winx mediatrans compatibility

When it comes to compatibility issues , WinX MediaTrans supports a numberof iOS devices and is compatible with windows PC unlike iTunes which supports all iOS devices and is compatible with Mac , windows and other OS .


It’s important to understand even when we compare apples official manager iTunes with WinX MediaTrans , we can’t really conclude on how the latter is better than the other .

It’s true that iTunes has got a number of huge gaps in their windows software that i think can be filled with WinX MediaTrans as suitable iTunes alternative for windows

WinX MediaTrans is no doubt the best iTunes alternative but it can at some point do whatever iTunes has failed to do for you .

WinX MediaTrans Giveaway

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