Why TMWhatsApp Does not Back up on Google Drive?

Why TMWhatsApp does not back up on Google Drive?
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TMWhatsApp, a modified version of the popular messaging app WhatsApp, has gained significant attention for its unique features and customization options. The app was developed by Titus Mukisa and derives its initials TM from the developer’s true name. Unfortunately, unlike the normal WhatsApp where you can back up your chats on Google Drive, it’s no longer possible on TMWhatsapp now.

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One notable limitation users have encountered is the inability to back up TMWhatsApp data on Google Drive. Unlike the original WhatsApp, TMWhatsApp does not offer seamless integration with Google Drive for backups.

The Google Drive backup feature was disabled by the mod WhatsApp developer to protect your WhatsApp number from being banned. If enabled your WhatsApp number can be easily detected and banned because of using a modified WhatsApp. So please use the local backup on your device

This limitation is primarily due to the modified nature of TMWhatsApp, which deviates from the official WhatsApp version. As a result, TMWhatsApp users are advised to explore alternative backup options, such as local device backups or utilizing third-party backup solutions. Understanding these distinctions can help TMWhatsApp users make informed decisions regarding their data management and backup strategies.