Where to Find Genuine Laptops in Uganda

Where to Find Genuine Laptops in Uganda - UgTechMag.Com
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In the past, finding laptops was hard. Even finding the shops. Not only that, they were expensive. Now technology is on the rise. Laptop shops are almost on every street, online, and in every district of the country. Before it was only centralized in Kampala. Finding genuine laptops is dependent on price, location, discounts, and the brand (Dell, Toshiba, HP, Asus, Lenovo, Samsung, Acer, Life, Apple, and Sony).

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As the locations are no longer centralized anymore, most laptop buyers trust Kampala shops. Why? As gadgets leave the drop area, they become pricy and unless it is a recommended company, you can trust any gadget that comes from there.

Kampala has a long strain of shops with laptops. The right kind of shops are affordable, trusted brands, the right size, and a rapport with computer manufacturers. These are legitimate businesses. So where can one find genuine laptops in Uganda? I can’t say there is a particular shop you should go to. Yes, of course, some shops provide services that are relentless and hard to come across.

Shops to buy some Genuine Laptops in Kampala

Here are some of the shops with genuine laptops in Kampala;

Some also prefer to buy laptops on Jumia, Alibaba, Amazon for their good customer service, secure payment options, and free and affordable shipping.

Important factors to consider when choosing Laptops or shops to buy from.

These are important factors to consider when choosing Laptops or shops to buy from. The first one is their guarantee. Most buyers overlook this factor because of the cost. Having a guarantee that you can return a laptop or take it for repairs, maintenance, and window software upgrades if the need arises is very important.

Price and location are also very important. Permanence is important. If you buy a laptop from a shop which you think you may not find the next day ‘the black market kind’, please run. It is important to feel safe purchasing your gadget, wherever you choose to buy it. The price should also be consistent with the ranges you have seen online or from friends. Yes, Friends. You must also have someone with you who knows technology. Don’t go into the lion’s den alone.

Depending on what brand of laptop you are buying. Different brands have different prices. A Mac Book and an HP can’t be the same price. Despite this, they have standard prices. As you go along to choose a laptop, keep that in mind.