How to configure whatsapp web notification sound .

whatsapp web
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Whatsapp web notification sound allows you to receive important message alerts with a sound notification on desktop computer . However sometimes you may feel like turning on or off these notifications depending on your circumstance .

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This whatsapp how-to is going to show you how to enable or disable whatsapp web notification sound .

How to enable WhatsApp web notification Sound .

To configure your whatsapp web notification sound , follow some of these procedures below:-

  1. Open browser and navigate to WhatsApp Web . ( use the URL link to access it directly ) .
  2. Scan Qr code using WhatsApp phone . To do this follow these steps :-  On Android: in the Chats screen > Menu > WhatsApp Web. On iPhone: go to Settings > WhatsApp Web . On Windows Phone: go to Menu > WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp web

3. In the WhatsApp  web chat screen , Go to Menu icon ( three vertical dotted lines ) and select Settings Option .

WhatsApp  web chat screen , Go to Menu icon

4. Under Settings , click Notifications .

Click notifications whatsapp web

5. In the Notifications window you can do any of the following :-

  • Turn sounds, desktop alerts and message previews on or off.
  • Turn off all chat alerts and sounds for a certain amount of time. To turn notifications back on, click on Notification disabled at the top of the chat list.
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Mute individual Chats

You can also mute individual chats for WhatsApp web . To do this , click on a chat > Menu > Mute > and select the preferred amount of time. To turn on notifications , find the muted chat and click Menu > Cancel mute.

Mute individual chats whatsapp web

Important to note : If you mute a group or an individual chat on your phone, it will also be muted on WhatsApp Web/Desktop. All other notification settings are independent of your phone and computer and do not affect one another.

Notifications problems on WhatsApp for web

Whatsapp desktop notification sound not working

Sometimes there is an issue with WhatsApp web notifications . At some moment WhatsApp notifications don’t have any sounds while other times it doesn’t show the message preview.

So if you’re facing any of the above whatsapp desktop notification issues , here are some quick fixes you should try out :-

Solution 1 : Enable Sound notification on WhatsApp web .

If you’re not receiving any whatsapp notifications on your PC , the first thing to do is enable sound notification on WhatsApp web. To do this . follow these steps :-

  1. Open whatsapp on your PC using either WhatsApp web or WhatsApp for PC and Tap the Menu icon ( Three vertical dotted lines )

Open WhatsApp web and tap menu icon

2. Select Settings

settings whatsapp web

3. Under Settings , choose Notifications and make sure the Sound option is checked on the next screen.

Enable Sound notification on WhatsApp web


WhatsApp desktop shortcut works more or less the same as WhatsApp for PC windows and Mac app . If you’re using WhatsApp for PC but still can’t receive whatsapp desktop notifications . I would recommend you save whatsapp web as desktop shortcut and use it to access whatsapp on PC .

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To create a WhatsApp desktop shortcut from Chrome, follow the steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp web on Chrome .
  2. Click Google chrome Menu ( three vertical dotted lines at the top right ) and select More tools .

Select settings more tools

3. Another pop up window will open , select Create Shortcut  .

Create whatsapp web shortcut

4. Now go to desktop and Open WhatsApp icon . The application will open as same version of WhatsApp for PC . Remember to enable WhatsApp web sound notification as shown before .


If your whatsapp web produces a sound notification every time you receive a message but does not show a desktop alert , then you need to enable desktop alerts and notification . To do this follow the steps below :-

  1. Open WhatsApp web and tap Menu icon ( three vertical dotted lines ) and then click Settings .

enable desktop notifications and desktop alerts

2. Under Settings , Click Notifications . In the notifications settings enable Desktop alerts and Show Preview settings . After enabling , you’ll be able to receive whatsapp web desktop notification .

enable desktop alerts and show previews


If you’re using whatsapp web on google chrome , you may need to enable desktop notifications for chrome . In most cases you may get a “ turn on desktop notification ” on top of your chats .

 enable desktop notifications for chrome

To enable chrome notifications , simply tap on Turn on desktop notifications  and follow the step by step on screen instructions .

However if you can’t find the notification banner on your WhatsApp web or PC , follow the instructions below :-

  1. Open Google chrome and click Menu ( three vertical dots ) . Select Settings Option .

Click chrome settings

2. Under Settings , scroll down at the bottom and click Advanced Label .

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Click advanced enable desktop notification

3. Navigate to the Privacy and security settings and select Content Settings .

select content settings

4. Under Content Settings , Navigate to Notifications and tap it .

Tap Notifications

5. In the Notifications section , Scroll down and find WhatsApp . If it’s under Block section , click on the three vertical dots besides WhatsApp and select Allow from the menu Options .

All WhatsApp web notification

However if you can’t find it , click on Add . A small window will pop up . Enter whatsapp web url ( https: //web.whatsapp. com/) and press Add .

add whatsapp web url

You can now close WhatsApp web and open it again and will be in position to receive desktop notifications .


Hello , we hope you were successful in configuring whatsapp web notification sound issues , desktop alerts and message preview alerts . If you have faced some issues with whatsapp web notifications share with us in the comment section below .