WhatsApp: Single grey tick, Double grey tick, and Double bluetick

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WhatsApp has a number of interesting features that may be scarce in a number of chatting apps in use today as is of the growing world of technology. Among these awesome features, we’re going to talk about the ticks in WhatsApp today in this tutorial.

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For now, I will assume a good number of us are using WhatsApp in their daily chats and probably we all know what ticks are and what they mean. For minorities, however, I will introduce to you these features step by step.

What are ticks?

Ticks are a symbol incorporated in WhatsApp that’s used to convey information to both the sender and receiver whether the text has been received and also read by the recipients.

They usually appear below the chat text after the time indicating when the chat was sent. They are part of the delivery and receipt system which has become popular among other messaging apps.

Types of WhatsApp ticks

WhatsApp has three commonly used types of ticks and they are listed below in pictorial and color? An additional feature may be a clock, maybe

– Single gray tick

✓✓ – Two gray ticks

✓✓ – two blue ticks

() – clock

These symbols can be found within a single message, regardless of the type we send and are located at the bottom right of the green box.

Like we said, just like other messaging apps, WhatsApp too is used by people to send cats to single or multiple recipients. However, there are two different ways we can send messages to our contacts in WhatsApp as I will explain in the next chapter.

Method one

This involves the use of the new message button; you just need to tap on the new message button. Users have access to a new chat window. Tapping on the back button will take you to the corresponding contact so that you can send the contact a message of your preference.

Method two

The other method involves tapping on the contacts tab followed by the specific message. Using the chat window at the bottom, users can type in a few words before sending. Once you send the message, you will be redirected to the conversation stream.

Here, you will note a grey tick just beside the time when the message was sent.

In details

✓ – Single gray tick

The single grey tick symbolizes that the message has been successfully sent by WhatsApp servers to the contact but it has yet to be received. This does not worry a lot if you are this type of person concerned about receiving replies whenever you text someone.

In group chats, the single grey tick symbolizes that the message has been sent to group members but members are yet to receive it.

✓✓—Two gray ticks

We now know about the single grey tick, let’s get down to the next. If you keep monitoring the chat stream, you will notice that the single tick will be paired with another after a few seconds. It’s not necessarily two seconds; it depends actually on your recipient’s online activities at the time you sent him or her message. If he or she is online, the second grey tick will take quite a few minutes before it appears but if she is offline, you may wait until she comes online.

The two grey tick is designed to symbolize that the message has been delivered to the recipient. In any case, below are some reasons why the second tick may take long before it appears.

  • The recipient’s phone may be off
  • The recipient may be experiencing network connection issues
  • The recipient may have received the new message notification but they have yet to launch the app
  • The recipient may have blocked you which may be unfortunate.

In group chats, two grey ticks mean the chat has been delivered to members but they are yet to read the contents. So be a little patient as all members may not be online at the same time.

✓✓—two blue ticks

Once the double grey ticks turn into double blue ticks, this is a clear sign that the recipient has seen and read your message. In any case, you must be waiting to receive a reply from them; if you don’t then this is the right time to worry about it. Note, sometimes users may switch off blue ticks so you will not know if they have read your message or not. in such a situation, you may not know when to worry and when not to, LOL!!


In group chats for the double grey ticks to turn into the deep blue, all members of the group must have read the message.

How to disable WhatsApp ticks

Privacy has become an issue when it comes to messaging apps like WhatsApp. While the delivery and read receipt system is very convenient, some users have complained about its use.

For starters, there are users who feel that the system compromises their privacy. How? Basically, friends and other users will learn that messages have either been read or not. Furthermore, the feature may be collecting more information. However, WhatsApp provided another way to remain secure and maintain users’ privacy at a high standard by incorporating functionality in WhatsApp that disables many normal functions of WhatsApp such as last seen and blue ticks (which is our topic today.)

It was an obvious improvement as such, however, it was driven by WhatsApp competitors who are the producers of GB and FM WhatsApp. These were the first apps that incorporated this functionality. Below are the steps you may pass through in order to disable blue ticks in WhatsApp.

  1. Step One – The first thing you need to do is ensure that your WhatsApp version is the latest. You can simply update to the current version by visiting the App Store or Play Store.
  2. Step Two – Launch the app, tap on the menu located on the top right corner, select Settings > Account Information > Privacy and disable “Read Recipient”.

It is important to note that once you disable the colors of ticks on WhatsApp, neither you nor other users will know when your messages have been received or read.