What to Look out for When Buying a Used Laptop.

What to Look out for When Buying a Used Laptop - UgTechMag.Com
Credit: HB Computers
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Keep in mind that the sellers’ only interest is to make the sale and do it at any cost. With alluring words, they can bait you into purchasing a sub-stand machine. In this regard, look out for every loophole for yourself. Preferably get a friend or expert familiar with laptop technology to help out.

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Do your research

When you consider buying a used laptop, you know what you want to use it for. So it is essential that it functions admirably for your sort of work. Embark on research about the specifications of the kind of PC you need. For example, if you need an i5 core laptop, what specs does it have? What is its storage? How long does the battery last? All this is necessary so that you arm yourself for shopping. 

Thoroughly Check the Laptop

Now you are in the computer shop. Check if all components are present and in excellent working condition; the DVD drive (if you buy one with it), the sensor/ cursor. Likewise, check if the frame of the computer is intact. For missing screws or hinges. The screen (flickering, discoloration, brightness), if you can play a video to view the resolution—do it.

The preloading operating system must be genuine. It should have original software, drivers, and backup media. The keyboard buttons must all be functional. Test if every port is functional; the USB ports, charging, headphone jack, Ethernet ports, HDMI, SD card slot, etc. They should also not be on the verge of giving way. Test the Wi-Fi connection, webcam, and speakers. Be sure you are getting your money’s worth.

Battery Health

Battery life. Battery life. Battery life. I can’t say this enough. If the seller claims that the battery lasts 5 hours, will you take their word for it? You can’t guarantee the battery life of a laptop unless you use it. So use it. If you have to spend a whole day at the shop checking that, do it. After all, it is their word against your money. Otherwise, prepare for a bumpy ride.

Get a good deal

The price range should also be fair. Same as cars, they are used but invaluable. Watch out for laptops that are too good to be true. Most often, they are. You can only make an informed decision after doing research on the price range of the laptop you want. Therefore, it is wise for you to pay in installments such that if any issues arise, you can give the PC back and claim your money back.