What is new in the newly released Windows 11

newly released Windows 11 - ugtechmag.com
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In this post, we talk about what is new in the newly released Windows 11 operating system. Microsoft’s Windows is the most widely used computer (desktop, tablet, and console) operating system (OS) in the world with more than 70 percent of the market sharestatista.  Apple’s macOS and iOS – only hold a combined 18 percent of the market.

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An operating system (OS) is system software that manages computer hardware, and software resources, and provides common services for computer programs. Windows 11 is an operating system that builds upon windows 10 and offers more features compared to its predecessor. Stick around and find out what is new in windows 11, next.

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What is new in the newly released Windows 11?

newly released Windows 11 - ugtechmag.com
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a) Docking and multi-monitor experiences

Windows 11 comes with an improved experience for users who work with multiple apps at a time.

b) Hypervisor protected code integrity enablement

New installations on compatible systems have memory integrity turned on by default. Though device manufacturers and end-users have the ultimate control of whether the feature is enabled.

c) Settings for better tablet experiences

You can now enable optimized experiences when tablets and 2-in-1 devices are in tablet posture.

d) Customize oobe

Updated docs include new OOBE (out of box experience) screen flow, information about the new quiet period, the new <ShowPhoneNumber> element for oobe.xml, and updated design guidance for creating a EULA.

e) Unattend settings

You can now use Unattend to disable the startup sound.

f) Desktop backgrounds and themes

You can create a custom wallpaper that is optimized for the Windows 11 experience.

g) Configure the taskbar

Windows 11 has an updated Taskbar topic to reflect changes to the Taskbar.

h) Customize the start menu

Windows 11 has a new way to configure the apps that are pinned to the Start menu.

i) Using deployment tools with Windows 11 images

When using deployment tools to work with Windows 11 images, the Name you expect to use with images might be different than you expect.

j) Manage inbox network drivers

Inbox PCI ethernet and WiFi drivers are now Features on Demand. You can easily remove these network driver FODs to reduce your disk footprint.

k) Factory OS

Factory OS is a lightweight OS image based on Windows configured to support early hardware and factory line bring-up. It boots to a minimal Factory OS Shell by default to support early hardware bring-up, device manufacturing, and drivers/apps development. It can also be configured to boot to a Command Line interface to increase reliability on the factory line.

Those are some of what is new in the newly released Windows 11 operating system.