Western Union: Receive/Send Money From Abroad To Uganda

Western union in uganda
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For years now in Uganda, Western Union has been one of the biggest breadwinners as far as sending and receiving money from abroad to Uganda is concerned.

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The Western Union service is smooth, much quicker, and less costly than most of the other alternatives such as PayPal and Payoneer MasterCard. This article will take you through some tips on how you can send/receive money from/abroad through Western Union.

In this article, I have gathered some useful information such as western union Uganda charges, contacts, fees, rates, and customer service numbers among others to quickly get you started.


Tips to consider before receiving money from abroad through Western Union

A Proper Identification (ID)

To receive any money from abroad you’ll require a valid national ID that clearly identifies you as a person who was indicated to receive the sent amount of money. This is how western union smoothens the process of sending and receiving money from abroad here in Uganda.

For non-Ugandan residents, such as people from UK or USA, you can use your travel documents or a valid passport. Refugees can also use Refugee ID or passport with a photo and seal.

Some Western Union agents allow the use of a driver’s license whereas others are strict with the particular verification documentation indentified above.

IDs that may be considered during withdrawal of western union money in Uganda include.

  • – Uganda National ID
  • – Uganda passport
  • – Uganda driver’s license
  • – Foreign passport with visa/entry stamp
  • – Makerere University card (upon verification by the Bank)
  • – Individual Credit Financial Card (upon verification by the Bank)
  • – Asylum Seeker Letter
  • – Plastic Refugee card + Letter of Eligibility with reference number
  • – Plastic Refugee card + Family Attestation letter (family head only receiver/sender)

Fill out a form At Agent Location

It doesn’t matter whether you have a local bank account, the easiest way of receiving money is through filling in a certain form with verification details such as Full name of the sender,  Originating country/city of Transactions, Expected amount (+/- 10%), Answer to Test question and the Money Transaction Control Number (MTCN).

All this information is required by the western union Agent to verify that money is being given to the rightful person.

Get a Money Transaction Control Number (MTCN)

Have you heard of the MTCN, the Money Transaction Control Number? So every time money is sent from abroad through western union to Uganda, a unique number specific to your details is created. You can get this number from the sender of your money. This can be done via phone, email, or WhatsApp. This number is presented to any authorized western union agents in Uganda before withdrawing your money.

Western Union Uganda Charges and Fees

Usually, western union Uganda charges and fees are 10% of the money being sent to you. For example, Western union will charge you UGx 30k for UGx 300k sent to you. Luckily enough, this cost is incurred on the side of the sender. The other thing is you don’t necessarily need a bank account to receive western union money in Uganda. A unique number that was generated and identification is what’s required to get your dime.

Banks and Local Agents to receive Western Union Money

Currently, there are quite a number of banks and local Agents that facilitate sending and receiving of money through western union in Uganda. And some of these include as follows:-

  • Diamond Trust Bank Uganda
  • Centenary Rural Development Bank
  • KCB Bank of Uganda
  • Ecobank
  • Postbank Uganda
  • Equity bank of Uganda
  • Stanbic Bank
  • DFCU
  • Finca
  • Pride Microfinance

Other Local Agents Around Kampala include

  • Dollar House Forex Bureau Shop on Kampala Road
  • ABC Capital Bank LTD Arua Park
  • Capital Forex Bureau Kansanga
  • Shumuk Forex Bureau Kisementi
  • Price Line Forex Bureau Ntinda
  • Guaranty Trust Bank Uganda LTD

Western Union Uganda Customer service number

Just in case you want to get in touch with western union Uganda customer service, below are some of the useful contacts you can reach for more details.

Corporate Headquarters7001 E. Belleview
Denver, CO 80237

Media Relations7001 E. Belleview
Denver, CO 80237
+1-720-332-1000 ext.5

Also Important to Note:


Receiving western Union money in Uganda: Receiver must be 18 years and above to collect money.

Sending from Uganda:

  • Money transfers sent to Uganda must include a test question.
  • Maximum principal Send amount is 7,500 US dollars or local equivalent per person, per transaction, per day.