How to Watch Youtube While Browsing

watch youtube while browsing
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Have you often times imagined how you can watch youtube videos while still browsing the web on a PC, this article is going to take you through the step-by-step process of how to watch youtube while browsing.

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Facebook is a good example of this feature, you can navigate your entire news feed as you watch your favorite Facebook video.

Unfortunately, Youtube doesn’t have this feature primarily embedded on its website for free, however, to achieve this we shall need to install some extensions on our web browsers or use some specific browsers such as Opera that come with the feature preinstalled.

To cut the long story short , this is how you can watch youtube videos while still browsing the web.

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Step by Step guide on how to watch youtube while browsing

How to watch youtube videos while working on other tasks chrome

Method 1 : Install Sideplayer extension in chrome web browser

Sideplayer is a Chrome web extension that will help you detach youtube videos and watch them as you surf the web. To install and use the extension, just follow the steps below:-

  1. Open Chrome web browser and Click Apps icon
  2. Under Apps , Select Web Store .
Open chrome web store

3. In the search field enter the term “side player” and wait for a few seconds.

4. In the results select an extension entitled sideplayer and click Add To Chrome button. Chrome will automatically install the extension in your browser.

Add to chrome sideplayer

5. After Adding to Chrome , click Add extension on the window that pops up and then close the other small window that appears.

Add extension

6. To use the extension in Chrome, simply restart your Chrome browser and then open YouTube. Open your YouTube video and click a small black player icon at the top right corner. The Chrome extension will automatically open the video in the right corner of your Chrome browser.

click black player icon

Congratulations! You can now watch youtube videos while working on other tasks in Chrome. But if you don’t have Chrome browser continue reading my methods below on how to watch youtube while browsing the web.

Method 2: Detach Youtube videos with Opera browser.

One of the best things I love about Opera browser is its power to integrate premium features at a free cost. Opera browser doesn’t stop at allowing you to use whatsapp on PC but also do other simple things like watching youtube while browsing the web.

The detach YouTube video feature comes preinstalled on the Opera browser and allows you to watch YouTube videos while doing other tasks on the Web or PC. To watch YouTube videos Opera while browsing the web follow the steps below:-

  1. Download and install the latest Opera PC browser.
  2. Open Opera browser and go to YouTube
  3. Open any video of your choice and click the detach YouTube video icon.
Detach youtube videos

4. Opera will automatically detach your youtube video . You can now drag and drop the youtube video around your PC as it plays . This will help you watch your favorite YouTube episode as you browse the web or do other tasks on PC .

watch youtube while browsing

Method 3 : YouTube picture in picture mode.

Youtube picture in picture mode
Image credit : addictive tips

YouTube picture in picture is the official YouTube feature that will allow you to watch YouTube videos in the corner of your screen .

Originally YouTube allows its users to watch YouTube while browsing if they subscribe for YouTube Red (which costs $9.99 a month). However this feature is still in beta and may be available for a limited select group of people such as Android Oreo users and USA citizens .

The feature allows you to multitask, so you could for example, search for take away food in another app while still watching a trailer for Infinity War.

YouTube Red is currently available in five countries the United States, Australia, Mexico, Korea, and New Zealand . But if you’re not a subscriber, then YouTube’s picture-in-picture mode is only available in the US on Android devices running Oreo or above, according to a supporting document.

Watch Youtube While Browsing other Apps on your iPhone

The first thing that you ought to do is enable the Picture in Picture feature on your iPhone. Start by going to your iPhone settings and tapping on “General.” Then, select “Picture in Picture” and make sure to toggle on the “Start PIP Automatically” option.

Next, open YouTube and tap on your profile located in the top right corner. Choose “Settings” and select “General” from the list. Toggle on the “Picture in Picture” option and then exit the settings.

Once you have turned on the “Start PIP” setting in your iPhone’s settings and enabled the Picture in Picture feature in your YouTube settings, proceed to the YouTube video you want to watch and swipe up while the video is playing. The picture-in-picture mode will be activated and you will be able to use other apps.

Quick Note: This will only work if you are using an updated Youtube app.

Conclusion :

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