How to Watch Big Brother Naija All Stars Online for Free

How to Watch Big Brother Titans Online for
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Big Brother Titans is a combination of the South African and Nigerian versions of the Big Brother franchise, where participants compete to earn cash rewards by escaping eviction from the house while living in a remote location. The favorite housemates of the viewers are chosen to stay. Both Nigeria and South Africa will have housemates on the show.

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Similar to BBNaija, the Big Brother Titans will be full of drama, romance, and competitive spirit by the housemates, with their supporters playing a significant role in keeping the show alive and interesting. The fans are known for their fierce loyalty and unwavering support for their favourite housemates, often going to great lengths to ensure that their favourite housemate stays in the game. This article will show you how to watch BBTitans from anywhere, on any device, including a laptop, desktop, Smart TV, or smartphone.


What are the Rules of Big Brother Titans?

Big Brother Titans has rules and regulations that are identical to Big Brother Naija. The following are the significant rules and regulations for Big Brother Titans:

Please keep in mind that if a competitor breach any of these house rules, he or she may be evicted or punished from the Big Brother House.

  • Housemates are not permitted to have any communication with the outside world.
  • Housemates must always wear microphone lapels, except when swimming or sleeping.
  • No one should ever disclose the contents of their journal with other houseguests unless specifically directed to do so.
  • Within the home, it is absolutely forbidden to whisper. (Whispering is described as speaking too quietly for a microphone to pick up on.)
  • Housemates should not bully, threaten, or behave aggressively against one another.
  • Big Brother may enable housemates to withdraw from participation in activities for health or other reasons.
  • It is completely forbidden to talk in a language other than the show’s official language.
  • Housemates should never deliberately cause harm to the property.
  • It is prohibited for the roommates to talk about anything outside of the home. (Selective enforcement)
  • Covering or tampering with microphones or cameras, writing secret messages, or conversing under hidden items are all absolutely prohibited.
  • If a Houseguest is evicted, they must leave the house immediately (after saying their last goodbyes) and have a live interview with the host.

Big Brother Titan’s grand reward

In addition to the main prize of $100,000, several roommates will win enticing prizes throughout their stay.

It is expected that fans will be exposed to pure entertainment for 10 weeks, with interesting drama, thrilling talking points from friendships and love connections, compelling games, startling evictions, attachments, alliances, and frenemies.

How to Livestream Big Brother Titans

How to watch Big Brother Titans online
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Below are the various ways you can watch Big Brother Titans live on your phone or other devices.

1. Big Brother Titans live on DStv Now App

You can watch the Big Brother Titans reality TV show via DStv Now app. If you prefer this method, make sure you have an active DStv subscription then follow the steps below:

  • First, open DStv now app. If you don’t already have the app, download the DStv now app on Playstore, or Apple store.
  • Sign in with your existing user details or click signup if it’s your first time of using the platform.
  • After successful login select Big Brother Titans on number 198 to start watching the program live on your device.

2. Watch BBTitans on DStv online

  • To watch Big Brother Titan online, visit on a browser on your computer or mobile phone.
  • Log in with your email address and password. If you are visiting the DSTV Now website for the first time, you will be required to create an account. To create an account, you will need an email address, a mobile phone number, and a smart card number.
  • Choose the Live TV option. This displays a list of TV channels that are accessible for streaming.
  • Scroll down till you reach Big Brother Titan: Live Broadcast Stream (Channel 198).
  • Click on the BBTitans tile to begin streaming the show

3. Watch BBTitans on ShowMax

Showmax offers a diverse collection of films, documentaries, Showmax Originals, children’s programs, sports, and widely acclaimed TV series such as Big Brother Titans 2023.

As a new or current Showmax user, you can watch the BBTitans online by following the procedures below:

  1. To stream the show from a laptop or smartphone browser, simply visit and login or sign up to start enjoying the show from your device.
  2. If you want to use the Showmax app, you can download the App from the Playstore or Apple Store. It is also available on some Smart TV and Gaming Console as well.
  3. Once you download the app, signup with your email, password, and phone number. If you have already registered, just sign-in.
  4. Tap on the Big Brother Titans Live Broadcast Banner to start watching the show.

Showmax offers two plans: the Showmax entertainment plan and the Showmax Pro plan; either option allows you to view the Big Brother Titans show live on your phone.