Visiting Uganda for the First Time? Here’s your Tech Guide

Visiting Uganda for the First Time? Here’s your Tech
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So you have your suitcases packed and your guidebook ready. You’ve triple-checked that you do indeed have both your plane tickets and your passport. Now, you’re off to live in Uganda for the first time in your life and you could not be more excited! Whether you are visiting Uganda because of your new job or looking forward to taking a vacation, there are things that you need to know like registering Simcard, ordering food, mobility services and so much more. In this article, share a tech guide for first-time visitors to Uganda.

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Register Simcard

Since you are already miles away from your loved ones, I predict that you miss them and would like to get in touch as soon as possible. Communication is key, whether to get in touch with your associates/acquaintances in Uganda or from your home country. To help you with that, you will need a sim card. Acquiring and registering a sim card in Uganda is quite a simple process. All you have to do is visit the authorized telecom shop of your choice with a photocopy of your passport. Simcards in Uganda go for $1. You can choose to buy a sim card from popular telecom companies like MTN Uganda, Airtel Uganda, Uganda Telecom, Lycamobile, and Smile. In just 3 minutes, you will have received a registered sim card. Unfortunately, you can not register or acquire sim cards online in Uganda. Physical presence will be demanded to attain your figure print, signature, and selfie.

Internet – airtel or mtn

Now that you have successfully registered your sim card, you can now enjoy and load both voice minutes and internet bundles. Both Airtel and MTN have a variety of internet bundles on the market with fast and nationwide coverage. That’s if the hotel or apartments booked do not have residence WiFi or Rokespot hotspots.

Payment solutions Mobile Money and Visa, Mastercard

Some businesses will allow you to make payments using mobile money, Visa, and Mastercard. However, some will strictly need you to pay using cash. Therefore, always withdraw money from available mobile money agents or visit the nearest Visa or Mastercard-enabled ATM to withdraw money before you make any transaction.

Ordering Food

As you settle in Uganda, you will need to know the safest place to order food from and apps like Glovo, Jumia Foods, and SafeBoda will help you with that. Glovo, Jumia Foods, and Safe Boda are identified as on-demand courier services that purchase, pick up, and deliver products ordered through their mobile app. The apps listed above showcase a number of different restaurants around Kampala from which you can order food and get whatever you have ordered at your doorstep. With the apps, you can also order other commodities like foodstuffs, medicine and so much more. If you are worried about the payment method, worry no more. You can pay online using Visa/Mastercard or mobile money and if you have hard cash, you can always pay on delivery. Therefore, download and install the Glovo or Jumia Foods, or Safe Boda app on your device, create an account and make your order instantly.

Moving around

Do you want to know why Uganda is named the Pearl of Africa? Well, the only way to find out is by traveling to different towns and parts of Uganda. You must be asking yourself how you will be able to maneuver through all these places that you have read about. Uganda has mobility service providers that you can access via mobile apps like Uber, SafeBoda, and Bolt. On these apps, you can order vehicles or motorcycles as means of transport.

Getting Accommodation

You are in Uganda or planning to visit Uganda. Your first thought about traveling to Uganda will always resonate with where you stay during your visit to Uganda.

Finding housing on your own can be hectic. However, checking sites like Airbnb or can help you figure out and book a secure place instantly. If you are considering staying longer, you can rent an apartment with Tubayo homes.

Exchange rates

Exchange rates differ for each shop. A variety of reputable banks in Uganda like Centenary Bank, Equity Bank Standard Chartered Bank, and Stanbic bank offer exchange rates services.