UTL Unlimited Home Data Bundles Prices in Uganda

UTL Unlimited Home Data Bundles
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Working from home has led to the birth of new bundles suitable for sharing with family members. Uganda Telecom has released unlimited and uncapped internet that will guarantee online home learning needs starting at UGX 134,000 exclusive for a full month. If you are considering buying UTL unlimited home data bundles, review the pointers below;

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1. All internet users on this platform pick bandwidth from a pool allocated to our BTS /Mast and performance will depend on the number of users picking from that particular Bts

2. Speeds are not guaranteed since users pick bandwidth from the pool of capacity allocated to all users picking from a particular BTS or Mast.

3. It is unlimited implying we count a full month irrespective of how much service is heavily utilized.

4. The minimum bandwidth of our shared capacity we provide is 1Mbps shared.

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UTL Unlimited Home Data Bundles

UTL Unlimited Home Data Bundles

Data BundlePrice (UGX)
1 Mbps134,000
2 Mbps 168,000
3 Mbps 224,000
4 Mbps 460,000
5 Mbps 670,000
10 Mbps 1,340,000