Using WhatsApp fingerprint lock Android

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At the end of October, WhatsApp rolled out a security update for its community that allows users to use fingerprint lock in the Android application.

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Although the feature is just new for Android users, the iPhone users already had a taste of the Whatsapp fingerprint lock. Nevertheless, it’s nowhere on Android so let’s embrace it.

Most of the new smartphones now have biometric technology which includes physical fingerprint scanners to allow users to unlock their devices with fingerprints and high-quality cameras to allow Face ID unlock.

The fingerprint lock is a great addition to the existing privacy and security in the application. So there won’t be any more need for downloading third-party applications to manage the protection of WhatsApp as it has been before.

How to activate WhatsApp fingerprint lock Android

First of all, you need the most recent WhatsApp update from Play Store. So head over to Google Play Store and update WhatsApp

From the WhatsApp chats screen, click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the screen.

Click on Settings

go to WhatsApp settings

We shall be changing the Account settings, so select Account

selecting WhatsApp account settings

Select Privacy on the next screen

opening fingerprint lock settings

Scroll down in the Privacy screen and click on Fingerprint lock

Toggle the button on the right of Unlock with fingerprint and then confirm your fingerprint in the phone’s physical fingerprint sensor as directed by the instructions.

enabling whatsapp fingerprint lock

The feature allows a user to set an automatic lock for WhatsApp in case of inactivity. Currently, you can either choose to lock Immediately, After 1 minute, or After 30 minutes.

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For additional privacy, you can choose whether to preview the sender and message text inside the new message notification. You can change this setting by clicking the toggle button labeled Show content in notifications