Buyers Guide to Used Phones in Uganda

used phones in uganda
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Call it black market or UK used smartphones, there is a common trend among Ugandan smartphone buyers buying used phones. In this guide, I want to share some tips you may need to consider before buying a used phone in Uganda.

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A brand new phone like an iPhone 5 ranges between UGx.800,000 to UGx.1M in Uganda as compared to the used one which is almost UGx.350,000 to 400,000 downtown in Kampala.

This brings us to the point of cost, used phones cost a little cheaper than brand new phones. This saves you some money while getting the phone of your desired choice.

However, sometimes cheaper things tend to be expensive in the long run. You need to consider some factors before buying a Used phone in Uganda.

So, in this buyers guide, I have decided to spare you the hustle of buying used phones that will become a burden to you a day after purchasing it.

“Uk used” is the commonest term used among sellers and buyers of used phones in Uganda. However, sometimes this is not always the case. You need to take note of some of these important factors while getting yourself one.

Where to buy used phones in Uganda

There are a lot of places to buy any used phones of your choice and the most popular platforms being OLX which also doubles as one of the top 10 most visited Ugandan websites.

Thousands of different types of used phones are posted daily on the site and at this point, it’s up to the user to look through for the phone of their choice.

Besides OLX, you can also get used phones in town areas of Kampala more especially around places of Mutaasa Arcade. However, as you get these phones you need to check with the seller whether everything is working as you had agreed. Most times, sellers from OLX or Areas around Mutaasa sell counterfeit phones in form of used phones.

There are also popular active groups for buying and selling used phones on Facebook and WhatsApp. Check our list below of popular Buy and Sell groups for used phones on Facebook Uganda.

Facebook Groups to buy and sell used phones in Uganda

1 . For Sale in Kampala

Uganda users can buy and sell phones in For Sale in Kampala. The group connects buyers and sellers around Kampala for the hottest deals.

2. Black Market and smart phones/Whatsapp

Black Market and smartphones/WhatsApp Facebook group will help you get access to a number of used phones from a variety of sellers and buyers in Uganda.


With a huge fan base of 100k members, it’s no doubt that you can’t find any used phone of your desire from such a buy-sell Facebook group.

4.Ubro Classifieds Facebook Group

Ubro Classified Facebook Group has got both a Facebook and WhatsApp group that connects buyers and sellers of used phones in Uganda.


With a membership base of over 20K members, You can at least be sure of getting any used phone of your choice.

6.Mama MarketĀ 💡

Mama Market Facebook Buy sell group connects buyers and sellers of used phones in Kampala and places around Uganda.

7. BUY & SELL Kampala

A closed group for buying and selling used phones in Uganda. You can join this group using the link above.


Trade UG is another Facebook Buy Sell Group where you can easily find used cheap phones in Uganda.


Smartphones On Sale New and Used is the biggest Facebook Buy Sell Facebook Group for used phones in Uganda.

10. OIX UGANDA (Sell & Buy)

Just like its Web platform OLX Uganda, you can also get quick used phone deals in Uganda from this Facebook Buy Sell Group.

WhatsApp Buy & Sell Groups are also other popular platforms to buy and sell used phones in Uganda. There are quit a number of them here in Uganda. Sellers usually post randomly used phones in these groups to attract the attention of potential customers.

How much are used phones in Uganda

The cost of buying used phones in Uganda varies from seller to seller. Ideally, the used phones have to be cheaper than the brand new ones.

Used phones on OLX have prices specified sometimes with a negotiation option. At this point getting the phone of your choice will be determined by your power of bargaining.

To be certain, a used phone will cost between 60-80% the cost of the brand new one. The exact cost of buying the used phone in the range above will be determined by your power of bargaining.

Things to consider while buying Used phones in Uganda

However, before you set out to get that used phone, there are some factors you may need to consider and some of these include.

What You want

First, you need to know what you want and where to get it. If you know the type of phone you desire, it’s very easy for sellers to help you find it.

Dealers for used phones around Kampala have connections to help you get the phone you want and in time. You don’t need to move around every corner of the city to get your desired phone.

In fact with the presence of social media buy and sell groups, you can simply post the type of phone you want and how much you have to buy it. Sellers of used phones in such groups will now stock you with possible suggestions in your comment section.

Price/ costs

It’s better to know how much you have left and how much you’re willing to spend for the desired used phone. Used phones usually cost a lot cheaper than the brand new ones. For example, a new tecno spark 2 of UGx.450,000 may cost UGx.230,000 in the used phones category which is almost 60-80% less the cost.

You need to be good at bargaining to increase your chances of buying a used phone at a cheaper price. Platforms like OLX, Facebook Buy Sell groups and WhatsApp Groups provide space to bargain costs before you can even think of meeting the seller.

You may also consider the following tips to cut on the costs of buying used phones in Uganda.

1 . Make a price comparison

Moving through multiple sellers can help you come up with a fixed price to spend for your desired used phone.

2. Buy from network service provider

Phones from network service providers may not necessarily be the “used” type but are sold cheaply. However, such phones are always locked to one service provider which can be solved by first rooting them.

Availability of Spare parts

Mobile phone spare parts
Source: Google

Some phones’ Spare parts are almost impossible to find in case of accidents and you have no phone warranty.

Sometimes the costs of these Spare parts may be more expensive than the actual cost you bought the used phone.

Phones such as Samsung have screens which are almost as expensive as a brand new Samsung device.

You should consider this while buying a used phone in Uganda. Tecno, infinix and iTel phones are more popular in Uganda which implies higher chances of finding their spare parts.


Apple Damaged used phone in Uganda

You need to check for any damages associated with the used phone before you can pay it.

Some damages are easy to do with whereas some are more risk-taking than others. For example, screen damage is too big to deal with if your pockets are dry. Phones with charging problems can also be a burden for a second hand phone buyer.

If you’re willing to take an extra step and repair the damaged phone, you need to know the costs of its spare parts and how much the entire repair process may cost. You may spend more than you used to buy the phone in just only repair. Considering this factor will help you save and at the same time get a good used phone of your desired choice.