How to Use CapCut on Windows PC and Mac

How to Use CapCut on Windows PC and Mac
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CapCut is widely used for creating short videos online, especially on platforms like TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram. It’s a popular choice for its user-friendly features. While it’s great on mobile, the official CapCut app for Windows and Mac offers even more features for those who prefer editing videos on their computers. If you prefer using hotkeys and want optimal performance, the official CapCut program for Windows or Mac is a great choice. It’s easy to download, free, and has features similar to the mobile version.

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How to Install CapCut on Your Computer

To start editing videos, go to the CapCut website or the Mac App Store, download the app, and then run the downloaded file.

[Download: CapCut for Windows | macOS (Free)]

Installing CapCut on PC

  1. Download and run the program.
Install Capcut
Install CapCut
  1. If there’s an update available, you’ll be prompted to update. Click “Install now.”
Click on Install now to update program
Click Install now to update program
  1. After installation, click “New project.”
Start a new project
Start a new project
  1. CapCut will assess your computer for smooth operation.
  2. After these steps, you’re ready to dive into the world of CapCut editing!
Start editing videos
Start editing videos

Optionally, you can sign in to your TikTok, Facebook, or Google account associated with CapCut. However, signing in is not mandatory.

CapCut Features on Windows and macOS

CapCut for Windows and macOS mirrors the features available on the mobile app. This includes:

  • Essential video editing tools (trimming, playback speed adjustments).
  • Advanced video editing tools (keyframing, chroma-keying, optical flow).
  • Automated features (text-to-speech, auto background removal).
  • Text and stickers.
  • Filters and effects.
  • Basic audio tools and sound effects.

CapCut on Windows and macOS has many useful shortcuts to speed up your editing, but you can’t customize them. However, CapCut doesn’t sync smoothly across different devices, even if you’re logged in with the same account. But you can export a project and move the file to another device for additional editing.

Using CapCut on your computer is advantageous because it’s easy. Switching from taps and swipes to mouse clicks and keystrokes is a refreshing change. Organizing projects with folders makes it easy to keep track of your files on your computer without needing a file manager app on your phone.

You Don’t Need an Emulator to Use CapCut on Your PC

CapCut for Windows and macOS is easy to use and packed with features. It works faster than the web version and is often better than using it on a phone. The only thing it lacks is the ability to save in the cloud and sync across devices. So, take advantage of CapCut on your computer to explore its features and create impressive video edits without relying on your phone or a web browser.