How to Upgrade Your Umeme Yaka Meter

How to Upgrade Your Umeme Yaka
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This article will guide you on how to upgrade the UMEME Yake meter;

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Uganda’s primary electricity distribution company, UMEME, is presently undertaking an initiative to upgrade all prepaid meters before the Token Identifier (TID) Rollover scheduled for November 24, 2024. This upgrade, specifically designed for Yaka meters, involves a software enhancement geared towards ensuring a seamless customer vending experience beyond the mentioned date. Following the completion of these meter upgrades, customers can expect their meters to operate smoothly without encountering any vending challenges, thereby maintaining a high-quality customer experience. It’s noteworthy that this meter enhancement program will be implemented at no cost to the customers.

How to Upgrade Your Umeme Yaka Meter

Step 1: Umeme is upgrading the meters in phases based on location. When a particular location is slated for an upgrade, an SMS shall be sent to the individuals in that area via registered contact with UMEME. Hereafter the UMEME Yaka meter subscriber will need to buy Yaka units to receive three sets of tokens to input into their Yaka Meter so that the meter can be upgraded.

Quick Note: If your location is not yet scheduled and you want to upgrade your UMEME Yaka meter. You must visit the nearest UMEME service center with your meter number and initiate an upgrade request.

Step 2: Now that you have received the tokens, it is time to input them into your Yaka meter. Each of the 3 tokens consists of 20 digits and they must be entered into the Yaka meter using chronological order starting with Token 1, followed by Token 2 then lastly Token 3. Take a break of about 4 seconds after imputing each token. For context, Token 1 and Token 2 will help with upgrading your meter and Token 3 is for actual Yaka units.

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How to Know that Your UMEME Yaka Meter is Upgraded?

For a Conlog meter: Press #005#, r1:t2 means not upgraded, r2:t2 or r2:t10 means upgraded.

For Hexing and Chint meters: Press 873 and press “Enter.” 01 means not upgraded, 02 means upgraded.

For the Inhemeter meter: Press 873 and press “Enter.” If the meter displays 01-02, it means it’s not upgraded, and 02-02 means the meter is already upgraded.