Uninstalling Internet Explorer In Windows 10

uninstall internet explorer
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If you are a Windows user regardless of how long you have used it, you must have heard about this web browsing tool. In the earlier years, Windows Internet Explorer was the default web browser for all Windows machines and many people hated its services and operations. It was so slow in browsing and I must think these users looked for a way to uninstall Internet Explorer in return to installing other web browsing applications that were faster about it.

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Internet Explorer has so far been released in several versions each with an advanced feature as compared to the earlier versions. Some of the commonly used versions are Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 10, 8, 8.1, and 7. Internet Explorer 9 for Windows Vista, Internet Explorer 8 for Windows XP. To check which version of IE you are using, Open Internet Explorer, select the Tools button (Help button Internet Explorer 8), and choose About Internet Explorer.

However, with the burning issues of Windows Internet Explorer, Microsoft has come up with the latest web browser called Edge, which leaves behind all the problems of IE and proves to be a web browser of this current age, with terrible light speeds and advanced features.


Things that nag about Microsoft Internet Explorer

The speed of Internet Explorer may discourage you from using it for any internet-based work, say research and bulk downloads. It is 3 times slower than the Google Chrome browser in some regions.

Not like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and other web browsers available today, Internet Explorer provides fewer add-ons, extensions, and plug-ins and this is another reason why most people have resorted to the above-mentioned better web browsers.

Microsoft IE has the same interface version in version out. This is not fascinating to most users as they tend to find better-advanced web browsers with varying interfaces for the latest versions. Appearance matters to many people yet Microsoft hasn’t considered it.

Importing or storing a customized list of blocked websites isn’t possible with IE.  Security implements on Internet Explorer need improvement. As it is a conventional web browser, phishing attacks and scam organizers target IE the most. So, tech surveys often emphasize the further improvement of Internet Explorer security tools

Regardless of all these pinching factors about IE, it’s still widely used as a Web browser. You may ask yourself why this is so. Though Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and other better and reliable customizable browsers are in intense competition with IE, many users have found IE to a simpler, and easier to use because of its availability and ease of access. More so, it is highly compatible with several versions of the all common OS, as well as existing in Windows by default.

Internet Explorer has Better Features too

The first and foremost aspect that Windows Internet Explorer is better as compared to other browsers is its availability for free. It can reach all countries all over the globe with internet connectivity regardless of location and distance factors.

Another factor we should not underrate is its presence in all Windows operating system versions by default. No matter what, other specific features we find in Internet Explorer will greatly determine its advantages or failures as compared to other web browsers. Internet Explorer is a web browser with many valuable benefits and disappointing disadvantages, this must be a simpler way someone else would rate this Windows web browsing technology.

Going further with the evaluations, versions 9 and later versions of Internet Explorer use HTML 5. This enhances a user’s browsing experience. In other words, it lets a user stream videos and audio without specifying any requirements such as installing additional plug-in IE although it’s one of the oldest and conventional web browsers. It, however, supports a broad array of applications, which some modern web browsers may not support. IE supports reopening the latest browsing sessions, which a user might have accidentally closed.

However, most people who have had a chance to use IE 9 have loved and so much praised it for its advanced features. This version of Microsoft Internet Explorer is very simple to use and has a free simpler user interface as compared to other versions. Talking about speed, it has got better speeds than the earlier versions of IE, the JavaScript Engine improved, and its ability to support HTML5. In addition, IE 9 is compatible with the latest Web standards and web services; it emphasizes more on the content a user is viewing, but not the toolbars, logos, and status bars. These are all hidden in IE 9, You will only be able to see the IE trademark at the top.

In cases of background data usage, IE 9 may warn you of any add-on that may be slowing down your machine and browser performance. It also can pin all your favorite websites to the taskbar and has a new faster download manager.

However, disappointments have been noted about IE 9. In cases of updating the browser, you may need to restart the machine. Most users do not like that. IE 9 also isn’t any better at playing HD videos as compared to other browsers. Nevertheless, IE9 is still in the Beta phase and we believe it will be a better browsing tool once all the work is done.

What to do before Uninstalling IE

Yes, it’s easy to get rid of IE on Windows 10, but you should make sure that you have installed another browser. Microsoft Edge new browser is still under development, and it will depend on IE to offer support in loading certain pages that use older web technologies, so you may need an alternatively good web browser to play that role.

How to Uninstall Internet Explorer from Windows 10

  1. Press the Windows button, or go to settings to open the Control Panel.
  2. Click on Programs.
  3. Click Turn Windows features on or off
  4. Clear the Internet Explorer 11 option.
  5. Click OK
  6. Click Yes to confirm.
  7. Click Restart to begin the process of removing the old web browser.