Uganda’s first Nuclear energy station will be built by Russia

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With the growing needs of the Ugandan republic, right from financial services to security, It is now clear that the government of the pearl of Africa is resolving first time and thinking about the future. This comes after an agreement with Rosatom, a Russian Nuclear company to set up Uganda’s first Nuclear energy station.

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The government looks forth to catering for its growing population with reliable resources and one of them is electricity. There is live evidence with the statistics and coloration onto which the population of such a small country is growing and all these show, hydro electricity power will not surely be sufficient in a few coming years.

Russia and Uganda have agreed to work together in the field of nuclear energy despite interests from china. The Russian nuclear agency Rosatom said Wednesday, as Moscow seeks to strengthen its influence in Africa that they will be in charge of setting up Uganda’s first Nuclear energy station.

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Russia’s state-owned companies have been at a key part of the strategy to bolster Moscow’s presence on the continent. Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni’s is seeking to use his country’s uranium deposits to develop Uganda’s first Nuclear energy station.

The agreement was signed on Tuesday by a Rosatom representative and Ugandan Energy Minister Irene Muloni on the sidelines of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s general conference in Vienna.

The deal “lays the foundation for specific cooperation between Russia and Uganda” in the field of nuclear energy.

The parties agreed to create workgroups to further develop projects on the construction of nuclear power plants in Uganda and the construction of the center for nuclear science and technology as Uganda’s first Nuclear energy station on the basis of a research reactor of Russian design. The Center of Nuclear Science and Technology will be used for nuclear training, research and development. In addition, the centre will have facilities for the production of radioisotopes for cancer management.

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It will also have an irradiation facility for improving the shelf life of the agricultural produce, sterilization of flowers for export and improving agricultural productivity through research.

According to the 2019 sector performance report of the ministry of energy and mineral development the ministry is strengthening the policy and laws to set up the supporting infrastructure and build up capacity for managing nuclear energy projects.

Government early this year also held a meeting with the Chinese government during the Uganda-China bilateral cooperation in the use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes in Kampala. The meeting focused on conducting feasibility studies and formation of working groups for the proposed projects on nuclear power plant, research reactors and irradiation facility.