Here are 7 Ugandan apps you should try out

Ugandan Apps to try out -
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The ICT industry in Uganda is growing with every second that passes and the trend seems to only keep getting better. We have slowly seen the emergence of incredible software and computer programs solely made in Uganda including mobile applications. A mobile application, most commonly referred to as an app, is a type of application software designed to run on a mobile device. The mobile apps are generally divided into two – Android applications and iOS applications specifically for Android phones and Apple phones respectively. Ugandan tech psychics have intriguingly been able to make apps for both platforms easily.

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Here is a list of fascinating Ugandan apps made in Uganda.

#1. Afro Mobile

This is currently equivalent to a Ugandan Netflix except one doesn’t need to pay anything as long as they have a data connection. Being a new app, it has 15 stations and up to 50 radio stations, but it’s growing quite fast. Download Afro Mobile on iOS or Android.

#2. Howwe Biz

Most musicians who want to publicize their music will immediately find someone who can upload their songs to Howwe Biz. This makes this amazing app the number one source of Ugandan music. Do you want to download any Ugandan song to your phone? Download Howwe Biz app on Android. (The iPhone is still under development)

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#3. YO TV

This began as the best tv streaming app in Ugandan until it became extremely famous that the developers introduced purchases. People still use this amazing Tv app, but for some reason, its rating is lower. Download YO TV for iOS and Android.

#4. MunoWATCH

Do you love translated (English to Luganda) movies? You just landed on the real deal! MunoWatch is owned by VJ Junior, who’s popular for translating thrilling flicks into humorous Luganda. This app is worth its cost and you can download the Android app version here before subscribing.

#5. SafeBoda

How can you talk about Ugandan apps and forget about Safeboda? This app could grow as far as the service will stretch. The app allows one to order a motorcycle ride from wherever they are to their destination. Currently, it only works in Kampala. The service has recently integrated other services into the app for example money transactions, paying for goods, and buying utilities like airtime with discounts.

You can download the app on Android or on iOS.

#6. Phaneroo App

It is incredible how Apostle Grace Lubega, team leader of the Phaneero ministry has invested in quality and technology to share the gospel of Christ. The Phaneroo app is one of the few church-owned apps in Uganda. It currently supports regular access to preachings, both text, audio, and video content. If you’re a Believer in Christ (like I am), this is your must-have app to keep in tune with Phaneroo’s teachings.

The app is available on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store.


This is a “cool app” designed to allow young people to create their data bundles worth their regular uses. MTN has invested quite a lot in marketing the app although most people don’t know what it does.

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You can download the Android version or the iOS version.

Bonus Apps

NOTE: These are not officially Ugandan apps, and they are not affiliated with the associated TV Channels. We have tried them out and thought you might want to do the same too.

Including these apps on the list is not an endorsement.



We can all agree that NBS TV is quite dominant in Uganda currently hence the fame of this app. Despite its weird interface, the NBS TV app gets the job done and it’s worth a try. You get the privilege of watching the tv station in your comfort zone, but that’s all, no other station! Download this Ugandan app here.



Surely, NTV is one of the most excellent brands in Uganda and that includes their online presence. This app for streaming NTV broadcasts has a beautiful interface and fluid interactivity. This is something you should surely try out by downloading it here.

That’s our list of the most incredible Ugandan apps for you to try out! Is there an app we probably missed out on? Tell us in the comment section, please.