Uganda lifts social media censorship – but you need OTT

Uganda lifts social media censorship -
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It’s been a while now that the government of Uganda had authorised blocking of all access to social media networks. Worse of all, other internet services commonly used by many people (access to Google Play store and Apple’s app store) were sanctioned. One could only access these when they had a Virtual Private Network (VPN) applications.

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Just this morning, Ugandans online have started reporting that they can access social media platforms and other pre-sanctioned services without VPNs. I have personally bought OTT on my Africell line and hey, we back baybeeeee. But are we? Will test my speeds and keep you up-to-speed (no pun intended) with how that goes.

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Before this Uganda wide internet censorship, online businesses were crippled, many of which shared their grievances.

Do you still need your VPN?

Many Ugandans, however, are pessimistic about this. Some say that it might be one of those games the ruling authorities are willing to play. (Restore Internet access, Get everyone to delete their VPNs and the block internet access again 🤣. ) Well, since it’s Uganda, you can expect anything. We encourage you not to rush to uninstall your VPN. Keep it, just incase things go south.

All in all, as far as we know, Virtual Private Networks are not just for by-passing internet censorship but for security over the web.

Will Ugandans still pay OTT?

After the censorship, many Ugandans have realized that they can have access to social media and other blocked internet services without having to pay OTT.

Our question to you is this, will you still pay OTT or continue using a VPN? Why and why not? (Share with us your sentiments in the comments section below)

Not withstanding that some VPNs can prove to risk your internet safety, we encourage you to follow these ways for safer Internet access.