Types of Apps you Need to Delete from your Android Phone

Types of Apps you Need to Delete from your Android Phone-ugtechmag.com
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Apps are great! No matter what you need or where you need it, there’s most likely an app on the PlayStore or App Store and maybe other sources, that can help you get it done easily. However, while applications are vital for our day-to-day lifestyle, they can be problematic, especially regarding gadget performance and space.

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See, it is painful having a bunch load of apps taking up your space and lagging your device performance when you can get rid of some and solve these problems. So maybe you have been asking yourself what kind of apps you can uninstall from your device and you have not been able to decide. This article is meant to help you.

Here are some types of apps you need to uninstall from your device.


Apps you don’t use

We have all installed an app out of curiosity before. Maybe a friend coerced you into downloading and installing it, or you saw it do wonders for a colleague and FOMO made you follow suit. But there you are stuck with a bunch of apps you open once a year. Best delete them.

It could be anything from dating apps that you struggle to find good matches on, meditation apps that have never pushed you towards discovering a calmer or more focused version of yourself, or fitness apps that have not contributed to any weight loss. Whatever it may be, if you have an app you aren’t using, best get rid of it.

It is tough to make this decision as you never know when or if you might need these apps in the future, but you can always reinstall them in case the need arises.

Old games you no longer play

Mobile gaming is the future of gaming. There are numerous new releases each year and they are only getting better and better. Ranging from action, and racing, to mind-stimulating, there’s a perfect mobile phone game lurking somewhere. Fortunately, or unfortunately, this means that older games are being outcompeted and pushed off the scene.

Games like Plants vs Zombies, Candy Crush, Pokémon, and others had their peak times, but not anymore. It is therefore useless to keep them on your device unless you still play them.

Duplicate apps that perform the same role

Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera Mini, and others are all search and browse engines that perform the same role. It, therefore, is not logical to have more than two browsers installed on your device. Duplicate apps are not only search engines. They could be note-taking apps, photo editors, and more. If they offer different features, you can keep both or all, but if they are generally the same, choose the better one and uninstall the rest.

Old Utility apps

Back in the day when Android as an operating system had just hit the big scene, users had to download utility apps like flashlights, scanners, pdf readers, and more. However, with the advancement and growth of the operating system, most of these apps are now in-built and come as system apps.

Therefore, you can save up on space, performance, and battery life by uninstalling third-party utility apps from your android phone.

Performance Booster Apps

Oblivious to many, performance booster apps like RAM cleaners, battery savers and game optimizers damage your phone more than clean or boost it. Taking RAM cleaners, for example, they are useless since the apps they close to clean your RAM will reopen automatically since they are needed to help your phone function effectively.

Therefore, if you have any of these apps on your phone intended to speed it up, the most effective method would be to uninstall them to free up space and better performance.

Social Media Apps

Are you unproductive because of social media? Is it taking up most of your time and distracting you from the things that pay? Then maybe you need to consider uninstalling some of these apps to create more distraction-free time for yourself.

Disclaimer: This is not good advice if you make money off social media.