How to Turn on a Dark Mode on a Chromebook

How to Turn on a Dark Mode on a
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If you’re someone who spends a lot of time on their Chromebook, you might be looking for ways to reduce eye strain and conserve battery life. One way to achieve both of these goals is by enabling Dark Mode. Dark Mode is a setting that uses a dark color scheme for your Chromebook’s interface, making it easier on the eyes and saving power. You can choose to set up the dark mode feature automatically or enable it manually as you wish. Setting up the dark mode is a simple process and this guide will prove that.

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Ready? Let’s turn on Dark Mode on a Chromebook:

To Turn on a Dark Mode on a Chromebook

Step 1. Find the taskbar and then click on the clock section at the extreme lower-right corner of the screen.

Step 2. From the displayed pop-up menu, tap on the Dark theme icon. 

How to Turn on a Dark Mode on a

Quick Note: If you are unable to locate the Dark theme icon, it could be due to an outdated Chromebook operating system. To verify this, simply tap on the taskbar and select the Settings icon. Once on the Settings page, navigate to the About ChromeOS section and check for any available updates that may need to be installed, with version Chrome OS104 or higher being the minimum requirement for Dark mode functionality.

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How to Enable your Chromebook to Switch on Dark Mode Automatically

In case you prefer your Chromebook to switch to Dark mode automatically depending on the time of day, you can activate the automatic feature. This setting will make the dark theme appear during the night and early morning while the light theme takes over during daylight hours. However, it’s worth noting that ChromeOS doesn’t allow you to personalize this schedule.

Step 1: Right-click (tap and hold) on your home screen. 

Step 2: Choose Set Wallpaper & Style.

Step 3: On the Wallpaper settings page, find the Theme section and click on Auto.  

How to Turn on a Dark Mode on a