What’s the Current Job Market for Tracking Software Professionals Like?

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If you’re a software engineer, it’s time to rejoice! The current and projected future view of tracking software development is certainly bright, with an expected 24% increase of software developers till 2026. That is a lot faster than almost any other occupation. Tracking software is one of the most used types of software. And it’s the most used because there are several types of tracking software.

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GPS is used for detecting the location of a moving object or person. But not all tracking software needs a GPS. These include tracking for music, email, websites, parental control, or chat logs and more.

All this means is that nearly every industry and every business and many individuals need tracking for various purposes.

Stats: If you’re thinking about entering this field of study or if you’re already in it, here are some quick stats that should please you. In terms of Best Jobs, Best STEM jobs, and Best Technology Jobs, software development ranks #1.

Salary: The average salary is around $101,798 per year.

Unemployment rate: 1.9%

Jobs available: Over 255,000

Overall grade: When assessing what is the best job, there is a criteria involved. The overall grade for software developing is 8.3 out of 10. This career scored as follows:

Salary: 8

Job Market: 8

Future Growth: 8

Stress: 6

Work/life balance: 8

So who needs tracking besides everyone? Hubstaff knows that because software tracking is used in so many industries and businesses it’s difficult to name them all.

Below you’ll find some needs that would welcome professionals and would-be professionals like yourself.


Any size business

Even the smallest size of businesses can use tracking software in one way or another. This could be to track employee productivity, sales, time tracking, deliveries and a host of other tasks that would go smoother with tracking. Basically, any business that uses technology can use a tracking software of some sort which has solved many problems that arise in businesses.


People can need tracking software for a variety of reasons. Some need it to keep up with their expenses, or know how much time they are spending on a certain task. Many uses tracking systems for their daily exercise routine. Working from home is becoming a very much preferable option. While working from home must first be based on trust if you have an employer, yet it is still the right of the employer to know how long you’re working. To know that, employers often use a tracking system.


Yes, even pets need you! Pets can easily run out if you’ve accidentally left a door open. They can either get lost or stolen. There are tracking devices that you can purchase for your pet, so if the great escape happens, you can find them and get them back.

All this very impressive and very encouraging for those interested in software development and particularly interested in software tracking. If you’re the curious type, interested in solving problems, helping people, and have that bit of creativity, it’s more than a good choice to consider this career and upgrading your skills in it.