Top Websites to order food online in Uganda

Order food online Kampala Uganda
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Earlier, we shared a list of apps you can use to order food in Uganda. But just imagine your smartphone is away? Or if you are using a PC and want to order food from a website? Here are all websites where you can order food online.

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1. Jumia Food

Besides the app, Jumia Uganda enables its user to order food via the website. With Jumia food online website, you can buy food and it’s delivered to your home.

Ensure to log in or signup for new users, and go right ahead and order food from your PC.

2. KFC

KFC enables users to buy food online quickly and easily. All you have to do is log in and get your food order ready.

The nearest KFC branch will be listed after choosing your area, and you can proceed to place your KFC food order online. Here are happy users sharing their reviews.

3. Cafe Javas

Cafe Javas recently launched an app for users to order food from their restaurants around Kampala and Entebbe. However, that is not all.

You can order Cafe Javas food via their website, and enjoy their meals remotely from home or work.

Immediately you visit the Cafe Javas website, click on the Start Order button and all the meals will be well listed for you to choose from.

4. Krustys fast food

Krusty’s is a one-stop food truck within the suburbs of upper Kampala. To order cheap takeaway and have it delivered within Kampala, they have a website for all their clients. In case you got not smartphone on you, you can run over to their website and get buying.

Right when you log onto the website, click on See Menu and Order button on the top right corner, and the rest is history.

Another nice thing is you can pre-order and get your food delivered the next day.

5. Online Butchery Uganda

The online butchery is Uganda’s first online meat store, or so they say. For this, forget about “eating on the go”. Online butchery sells you processed meat. All kinds of red and white meat are listed, for you to choose from.

If you have a barbecue home party, you can order meat online and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Just click on the categories icon on the left, and buy your fresh meat online.


If you want to order quick food from a supermarket, this is the online hub to run to. For those household items, just go ahead to fill your cart and have it delivered to your home or office.

All those kitchen items and food supplies for daily use, you can have the supermarket platform. It partners with various supermarkets around Kampala to make this possible.

7. BringoFresh

After buying meat from the Online Butchery above, you might want some vegetables and greens. For access to fresh organic foods, this is among the trusted food delivery websites you might want to use.

From fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, bakery, and herbs, BringoFresh offers a whole lot of food products for your consumption. With this service, all your food orders are boxed up and delivered to you within 24 hours. This platform also offers for all payment options, ranging from Mobile money to Visa.

8. HelloFresh

Hello Fresh Uganda is another fresh food website that gets all your deliveries to the doorstep. They offer a variety of vegetables, fruits, raw food, and seafood, all of which you can buy via their website or mobile application.


We hope this list of websites to order food online has helped. Have you used any, or we have missed your favorite food website? Talk to us here below, otherwise, let’s see who wins the hunger games.