Top Secret tricks/tips for WhatsApp Users you Must try out

Secret tricks/tips for WhatsApp
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Here are the Top Must-Know Secret tricks/tips for WhatsApp Users. This article is a dedication to everyone out there using WhatsApp either for business or as a social tool to connect with your friends from various parts of the world.

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Truth be told, WhatsApp has ever since expanded vastly covering a wide range of smartphone users. It’s one of the most popularly used messaging application and platform. The number has seemingly grown out to 450 million registered as daily active users. One may wonder why someone like me sits down to write about things that are obvious such us how to use WhatsApp, a popular messaging application.

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The answer is things are not obvious to everyone as they seem to be, not even to you. You cannot know everything about tech stuff however obvious it seems. In this article, I got you some interesting Secret tricks/tips for WhatsApp that you maybe never knew. They will surely help you make full use of your WhatsApp in a simple and interesting way. Follow through with me.


Bookmark your main messages

Everyone has seen the star icon that appears when you press and hold on a message in a WhatsApp chat. This is the bookmark tool that you can use to keep track of all important messages in your chat. Below is a simplified guide on how to bookmark a message.

  • Long press on the message that you want to bookmark and then tap the ‘star’ icon on the upper menu.
  • After this, your message has been bookmarked.

    To find all bookmarked messages:
  • Go to Settings & Starred Messages or click the name of your chat and tap ‘Starred messages’ for iPhone
    whereas for Android users tap ‘More options’, and tap ‘Starred messages’

Pin your most important friends or groups

It becomes frustrating and annoying when you have to look for someone’s chat from a whole hundred of chats and groups. Some people got lots of WhatsApp chat rooms. To avoid this, you can pin all those important chats to the top of your chat so that you access them easily whenever you want to.

  • On the iPhone, swipe to the right on the chat you want to pin to the top and then tap ‘Pin’ 📌.
  • For Android users, tap and hold on the chat and then tap the pin icon 📌.

Use WhatsApp Web

Having to hold your Smartphone every time you want to chat gets disturbing sometimes.
In case you’re at work and are busy with your laptop, WhatsApp Web is your go-to solution. You can resort to WhatsApp web, a version of WhatsApp supported on desktop and laptop computers. Here’s how to use it:

  • You can either Download the WhatsApp Web desktop app, which mirrors your phone’s conversations on your computer.
  • On the other hand, you can choose to use WhatsApp in your Web Browser

This will enable you to send the normal WhatsApp messages, photos and GIFs from your computer, but now in double-quick time.

Find out who you chat with the most

Do you ever wonder who mostly occupies you whenever you come online, well you may not be sure until you use this trick.  Let’s see these simple steps below:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click Data and Storage Usage
  • Select Storage Usage
  • The list of Contacts will be displayed

Record hands-free voice notes

Voice notes are the fastest and most efficient way of messaging recipients on WhatsApp. However, there are lots of WhatsApp users who are not yet aware that you can record a Voice note hands-free. It’s a simple and easy WhatsApp trick you must-try out.

  • Hold the microphone icon and swipe up, this locks the voice note function
  • Now start recording your message while the counter displays the seconds taken for the recording
  • Once you are done, press send and your voice note shall load and get delivered to your recipient.

Tailor your About-status

There are two types of statuses known to WhatsApp, the About-status which we all were used to when WhatsApp had just been introduced. Then there are the new status updates that have hit the block a few years back. About-status has default texts such as, “Here I am using WhatsApp” “At the Movie”, “Available” and so on. You can change these texts into anything you want. Here’s how:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap your name
  • Then click on the About option
  • From this, you can select a pre-existing option, or just type anything you want by clicking it Edit which is a pencil-like icon.


These were our top Must-Know Secret tricks/tips for WhatsApp for today. In case you have any other you know of, share them with us in the comments below.