Top 10 Job Search Websites & Apps in Kenya

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If you are performing a job search in Kenya, then you are in the right place today.

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Kenyan job sites have become more and more popular due to advancements in technology and internet services. With the rise in the number of jobless Kenyans increasing, getting a job in Kenya is regarded as an impossible mission.

Nevertheless, Kenyan job sites have outshone newspaper job advertising. Many employers use the internet since it’s a faster way rather than posting job ads in newspapers. These job sites not only provide full-time jobs but also provide part-time, freelancing, internship, and many more.

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The Top 10 Best Job Search Websites & Apps in Kenya include:

1. Brighter Monday

Brighter Monday is one of Kenya’s leading job search websites. With over a thousand jobless people in Kenya, Brighter Monday is considered the best website when looking for a job. Brighter Monday is able to provide jobs such as accounting, internships, hospitality, banking, IT jobs, and social work among others.

When using Brighter Monday you are able to apply for jobs based on what suits you best. Provided on what job you have applied for, Brighter Monday provides updates to job seekers via Email. By downloading the Brighter Monday your chances of getting a job are higher.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional website and application where people seek connections with people with similar skills. One has to create an account in order to connect with other people. You can chat with new connections and also update your profile in terms of experience, education, etc.

LinkedIn can be your resume when updated well. Most companies are always seeking new recruits on LinkedIn so the job is most likely to find you on LinkedIn.

3. Fuzu

Here is another top job search website in Kenya. Fuzu does not only help individuals find jobs, it’s also a recruitment platform that simplifies the application process. It uses a particular kind of algorithm that helps in matching particular candidates to hiring needs.

The platform provides people with exciting and new job opportunities. Job seekers are also able to learn skills that can be used to enhance and develop their skills. They also offer career advice to those that are uncertain in their careers.

4. Job Web Kenya

Job Web Kenya is also another popular job search website in Kenya today. With thousands of people using this website, it is hence considered effective when it comes to finding a particular job.

Many employers find this website interesting when it comes to recruitment since it helps them find the right and most suitable candidates for a job. Some of the services offered include recruitment services and job advertisements.

5. Career Point Kenya

Career Point Kenya helps job seekers to apply for jobs in the fields of their choice. The platform provides different job categories such as audit, logistics, and Public relations among other job categories. It also offers individuals the experience needed in particular fields.

In some cases, the individuals are helped and shown how to revamp their cover letters so as to increase their chases of being employed. It also provides special segments such as news segments and what to expect in an interview.

6. PigiaMe Jobs

This website is popularly known for its ability to allow and enable individuals to buy new and used goods from sellers all over Kenya. PigiaMe helps thousands of individuals sell their products by advertising them on the website. One is required to open a PigiaMe account so as to be able to advertise their products.

7. Kenya Moja

Kenya Moja is another popular job search in Kenya. The jobs on Kenya Moja are jobs from other sites such as Brighter Monday, Job Web Kenya, Career Point, and Kenyan Career. Kenya Moja provides listings of jobs from different sites and links to where the job details are posted.

8. Kenyan Career

Kenyan career provides job vacancies for job seekers. It also provides job seekers to share their job search experiences with others. It also provides agencies with access to the ability to recruit job seekers. The Kenya Career platform also provides CV posting and job updates for free.

9. MyJobMag

It provides job seekers with the latest updates on jobs. It also links job seekers to great candidates. Just like any other job search website it provides job seekers with job listings. It also helps in the recruitment of job seekers and advertising new and marketable jobs.

In some cases, it provides job seekers with career information so as to ensure that they apply to their preferred field of expertise. Their job services are usually free.

10. Duma Works

Duma Works is a wide variety of listings where job seekers can apply to. Recruitments and job vacancies are also provided by Duma works. It also provides businesses with the necessary information recruitment platform when hiring job seekers.

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Other job sites in Kenya are government commissions such Public Service Commission for public servants and the Teachers Service Commission for employment of teachers by the government.