List Of The Top 10 Virtual Conference Apps

Virtual Conference Apps -
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If you have attended online meetings, then we bet you have tried out one of these top 10 virtual conference apps.

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With the emergence of the global pandemic in 2020, there came a disturbingly relevant need for people to connect without meeting. But that’s not the only reason virtual conference apps were invented. Before COVID, meeting online and holding virtual conferences was a thing since not everyone needs to be in a room to be a part of the meeting.

In no particular order, Here’s our full list of the 10 best Virtual Conference Apps you can use in all your different circumstances.

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1. Zoom

Top Virtual Conference Apps -

No doubt, Zoom is one of the most popular virtual conference solutions ever invented. The app was invented by Eric Yuan who made the app public in April 2019. The software is an American brand because its founder is a Chinese living in the USA.

The app has so many useful features including reaction, raising hands, and muting and it gives power to the host just like it should be in a real meeting.

This app is available for all operating systems here.

2. Google Meet

Top Virtual Conference Apps - - 2
Google Meet

As a company, Google has always made software for almost every single connection purpose. When we talk about virtual conferences, Google Meet is still one of the most prominent brands. It works profoundly well on all devices of your choice.

You can use the service on all your devices by clicking here.

3. Microsoft Teams

Top Virtual Conference Apps - - 2
Microsoft Teams

If there is a company that decided to follow the trend, it is Microsoft. After they discovered that several other apps were capable of doing literally everything better than Skype.

Microsoft Teams is such a powerful tool you can use to hold team meetings just like it suggests. The best part is that this service comes for free and surprisingly is also available to all devices too.

To start using this app and all its features either on the web or mobile, please follow this link.

4. Skype For Business

Top Virtual Conference Apps - - 4
Skype™ For Business

This platform has existed for ages and is trusted by several news companies when communicating with their correspondents.

Skype is an excellent Microsoft tool that can easily be adapted by your team. The software is available for all operating systems here.

5. WhatsApp Group Calls

Top Virtual Conference Apps - - 5
WhatsApp Messenger

Meta has tried their level best to provide a video calling platform, and surely WhatsApp has become quite reliable.

WhatsApp is used by over 2 billion people around the world and there’s no doubt that its video calling feature has come in handy for Business partners quite often. WhatsApp is available on iOS and Android.

6. Google Duo

Top Virtual Conference Apps - - 5
Google Duo

Here is yet another platform tailor-made for especially people using mobile phones.

Are you looking for very high-quality video calls? Google Duo provides just that with the capacity of up to 32 participants. The platform is quite easy to use and always gets the job done without any interruptions.

It is completely free and is available on all devices when you follow this link.

7. Messenger Rooms

Top Virtual Conference Apps - - 6
Messenger Rooms

Mark Zuckerberg has really put his best out when it comes to ease of creativity. Although this innovation does not match the standard of Skype and the likes, it’s pretty easy to use and enjoyable.

Messenger Rooms is a Facebook feature that was recently added to Facebook Messenger. It allows multiple participants on a singular call, but they must have Facebook accounts. Download Facebook Messenger for Android and iOS now.

8. FaceTime

Top Virtual Conference Apps - - 8

This app is way too popular that you may easily forget that it’s a video calling app too if you don’t use iOS.

Yes, on the downside it’s limited to iPhones only, but it’s a seamless quick app for making video calls.

Just like Facebook Messenger, FaceTime allows up to 32 participants in a video call. If you have an iOS-supported device, download Facetime here.

9. Discord

Top Virtual Conference Apps - - 9

This video conferencing app is specifically designed to suit gamers. If you enjoy gaming, this is the right app for your you instead of the rest of the boring interfaces.

This platform will allow several games to talk, text, chat, and share ideas on their favorite games

Luckily, the software is available for all operating systems and you can easily download it here.

10. FreeConference

Top Virtual Conference Apps - - 10

This software is ideal for small groups of teams mostly less than 5.

The app is simple and it offers several features including screen sharing and many more. If you are interested in enjoying free meetings, this is your best option.

To use FreeConference on all operating systems, click this link.

Virtual Conference Apps -

Those have been the 10 Top Video Conference Apps available on the internet for you to try out. Please share your thoughts in the comments section.